Bunk bed with hideaway bed and wardrobe 48

kids bunk bed with wardrobe


Create a bedroom that speaks about you. Use the beddings, the pillows, the carpets, the puffs… A lot of complements which you will find in the decoration page on our website.


Access to your wardrobe easily and take the maximum advantage of all the space possible with #lavieenROS


The origami organizing boxes are unique, because of that they are special. Organize the things in a funny and authentic mood.
kids bedroom wardrobe


Interior open space, useful and accessible, next to your own bed. Take advantage of all the wardrobe space and complete it with a metallic hanger and magazine rack shelves.

sharing a bedroom is the coolest option with a bunk bed with hideaway bed. can you describe your dream bedroom?

A bunk bed with hideaway bed and wardrobe. Take a look at this option with the new Buk finishing… Perfect! We love this combination, a high bed with hideaway bed

The two-door wardrobe will make it easy for your kids to keep the bedroom neat and tidy.

This bunk bed with hideaway bed is the perfect solution for teenage shared bedrooms. The hideaway bed has some shelves to keep personal items too. Moreover, you can choose among a lot of possibilities. We recommend you to visit a distributor to get more information.

You also have the possibility to decorate your room with or products like beddings, wallpapers and organizing boxes. Choose your favourite combination and make your room unique. In the composition you can see the Paint wallpaper and the Box teen bedding with the decorative pillows. Do you like it?

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