Tips for making your baby's room

You probably be ready with its own little room, creatively decorated, with every part designed with love, but during the first months of his/her life he/she will require your full time attention, day or night, your baby loves his mommy forever and knows no timetable. Here a few tips to help you in this phase. Now the space in your house

will be reduced. You should made a conditioned area of your bedroom to put the baby's crib. My advise; do not make major changes. Your expenses will increase in the coming months, then set your mind on what is really necessary. Find your own comfort when you walk into the room. Place the crib in an area that allows the passage and does not become an obstacle. Add a shelf or ledge to locate ointments, diapers, bottles and other items needed for baby care. Put away any dangerous objects or items that might fall into the hands of your child. Use if you need shelves in your room or take them to another bedroom.