They are here! The photos of the new Ros´ furniture catalog

You can see in our blog all the photos from the new Ros catalog. Kids Up
The catalogue will be next week in the stores and issued with all details in our web. Ros Group follows the latest young trends and adapts them to our kids’ rooms. Bedrooms are well adaptable to every type of space. Beds, nests, sofas, compact beds, writing desks,wardrobes, shelves; a large collection of children's furniture by Ros Group.
It is new the introduction on this catalog of children's furniture for children from four years old, as well we show our senior furniture for young people. We followed the latest youth trends and adapting them to the desktops of our bedroom, chic @ s. Bedrooms adaptable to all types of space. Bedding, nests, sofas, compact, desktop, compact, closets, bookshelves, a large repertoire of juvenile furniture furniture