Tatami, a perfect option for actually teenagers

tatamis juveniles

Teens are synonym of transgression, rupture and change. Teens have personality and their bedroom will be their reflex.

Could furniture express teen’s personality? With ROS, yes. We can demostrate it. If you search different options, tatami can answer your concerns. Combine the wallpaper, furniture colors and handles. Think and choose the best bed for you, we will manufacture it. Your bedroom will be unique, like you.

Also, with canapé bed, you will gain storage!

Tatami, from Japanese origin, and originally a luxury Furniture, gives a modern twist to your bed.

Bed’s customization is possible chromatically, but structurally too. Are you interested in a slide bed or drawers for save more things in it? You have the last decision. 

Colors contrast talks a lot about you. You can use neutral colors on your desk, so you can find balance and harmony in your bedroom. Do you imagine it?

If want to sleep with your guitar, because music is part of yourself, we design you a special bed. In this way, your guitar will be with you. La vie en ROS moves for passion, like you. It understands you and makes it real. All spaces, even little, are unique and specials.

A tatami in your new bedroom? You don’t regret it. Search your nearest furniture shop and begin with your project, now.

If you have doubts about this type of bed, you can choose a canapé bed, a compact bed or a bunk bed. The best option for you! Customize your bedroom your way.