A sustainable cradle for sustainable living

EcoInnovation CONVERTIBLE  COT-BED Project. Pioneering project in Spain, where Ros1 and another four companies (not from the furniture industry), carried out a study with the CENFIM, Centre of Technological Diffusion of Fusta i Moble de Catalunya, the USC University of Santiago de Compostela and the ICTA, L'Institut de Ciència i Tecnologia
Ambientals. A laborious project, focusing on the environmental study on the life cycle of a convertible crib bed, in the case of Ros1. The  study covers the life cycle of production of the convertible  crib bed, including energy consumption and production of various elements used in its manufacture.

About transport, it is considered as a set,  that includes the transport of raw materials to the factory, the final transportation to the shop, to the point of use or home, and the transport  to the rubish disposal. The project aims to incorporate the best available techniques and clean technologies to the production process of  the the Second Transformation companies of the timber industry, minimizing the CO2 emissions to reduce their environmental impact and get greater efficiency consumption of raw materials and reducing waste generated in timber companies.