Space is at a premium in many homes



This is especially true for people who live in small apartments or large families who live in small homes. If you have ever wondered about these versatile beds, read on to find answers to frequently asked questions about trundle beds.
Trundle Bed Questions:

What is a trundle bed?

Trundle beds are essentially two beds which can be packed into the space that one bed would take up. This doubles the sleeping capacity at night while keeping the space free during the day. Unlike a bunk bed, trundle beds store one of the beds directly under the other that is the height of a standard bed. One of the beds is usually smaller than the other, and the smaller bed is usually on rollers or casters, which makes it easier to move it in and out from underneath the main bed.
Who are trundle beds best for?
Because one needs to be stored under the other, most trundle beds do not feature thick mattresses, and the lower bed will be very close to the flow. This means that they may not be ideal for people with back problems or older people, although they are perfectly suited for children, teens, and overnight guests.
What are trundle beds made from?
Trundle beds can be made of any material that is commonly used to craft a standard bed. The material you choose will depend on your interior decorating scheme and other furniture in the home. Trundle beds can be made out of wood, metals, or cast iron and some are even upholstered.
Why should I buy a trundle bed?
The main reason for buying a trundle bed is to save space. You are getting two beds that can be stored in the same space that one bed would usually occupy. Depending on the style, trundle beds can also be turned into daybeds or chaise lounges in the daytime because the primary bed usually has the feel of a small couch. However, when you require the bed function, you can quickly roll out the second bed. Add your pillows and bedding and you're ready to sleep. You can even get trundle bed designs that include drawers in which you can store your bedding and pillows when they are not in use.