Sizing up your Wardrobe Options

The space you have available to accommodate your wardrobe is one of the key decisions when choosing your preferred option. When measuring up the possible locations in your bedroom, make sure you measure the maximum space available. The most common oversight we see is people not taking into consideration the skirting board. The bottom of the wardrobe is normally one of its wider dimensions and the skirting board on either side of an alcove can make it one of the smaller dimensions. 

People with sloping ceilings should also take into consideration the height of the wardrobe. With loft conversions becoming a great way for people to expand the useable space of their house, the increase in demand for smaller wardrobes has increased dramatically over the last few years. 

These wardrobes are often referred to as children's wardrobes however this is often the ideal solution for a smaller space under an angled ceiling. See some of our smaller wardrobes selection here. It is also worth making sure the advertised dimensions are the absolute maximum dimensions of your wardrobe. Often wardrobes are larger at the base or top especially when they have an ornate top or feet. It's imperative to measure the access to your bedroom as tight stairwells and corners can sometimes cause problems. If you are unsure always check with your nearest store about the size of individual components. 

Another useful tip when deciding on the layout and therefore size of the wardrobe you would like is to cut plans out of joined up pieces of newspaper and place them in the potential sites for your items. There are obvious limitations to this method but it can prove useful when space is tight and you are trying to fit a number of free standing items in your room. When deciding where your furniture will be positioned, something that is often overlooked, is allowing enough space to open wardrobe doors.

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