Ros Furniture At Kind Jugend 2011

The design starts in our finishes. It is known that Ros offers a greater variety of finishes and colors than other brands. At Kind Jugend 2011, Ros presents its successful finish line stripe, called "Iris". Also its famous product for finishes called Porotex-plus. It is a new product of high quality, unique in design and components, which results in an artistic texture on the surface, showing and leaving open pores. Porotex-plus is available in a wide range of color. Please note that Ros do not use synthetic paints or lacquers, only water-based paint, biodegradable  and a green product which does not produce toxic reactions.
All these greats finishes for the best furniture design. Furnitures which are unique and special. In Cologne 2011.
Crib Élite
Another Ros´ novelty at The Cologne fair is the crib "Elite". A very economical crib, and super practical in space´s terms, with a design, which is the result of the previous models´ evolution.
Convertion Crib Élite
In Cologne 2011, we present a new model of children's furniture called "Air", a futuristic and spectacular design in the world of children´s furniture. The covertible crib seems to be suspended in the air, reflecting a relaxed and harmonious atmosphera. An asymmetrical structure that rests on a curved line, reflecting simplicity and originality.
But the greatest surprise at Ros´stand will be the newest convertible crib, rather than “convertible” I would say "The interchangeablecrib" due to its endless possibilities of transformations. The trans-former.Special mention should be made into a line of low beds, which Ros shows in the fair, for children aged between 4 to 10 years old. Also our convertible cribs into sofas.
  Finally, Ros Textile brings its new line called Poppy, full of tenderness and sympathy.