Reduce crying on the nursery

Our kid grows up and it’s time to go to the nursery. The first day is normal that baby
begin to cry. We want the best for our kids: meet new friends, enjoy the time
on the nursery.
But to avoid crying every day, there exists some advices that will help him lot of
things like: is a good place, and he or she should not to cry because mum and
dad will go for him later
For example, we have to tell him the reason because is there, what he will do and with who. 
We have to familiarize him to the nursery and with other babies. Also, is good
entry with him at the nursery the first time.
We keep in mind that go to the nursery is good for babies: they develops the apprenticeship
with affective and mentally games and activities. 
All these activities will influence on the autonomy of the babies and they will explore their around, meeting new friends.

So, let’s start on the nursery school?