Members ( MTIB ) visit Ros furniture factory

Visitors have visited our factory for seeing what we do, with what materials and with what technology. The visit was conducted by the manager of the factory, Enric Ros, and has been a success.
MTIB is a statutory body acredited to the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities in Malaysia. His objective is promoting timber industry, train professionals in an automated way and promote markets and marketing timber products.
On this project is included Biesse, industrial machine manufacturers to work with timber, that provided machines to Ministry of plantation Industries and Commodites.
MTIB was formed in 1973 and  it has been acorded as the lead agency to enhance the development of the Malaysian timber industry.

Malaysia is the seventh major of timer and timber products after UAE, China, Italy, Germany, the US, the UK and France. 

It is noteworthy that ROS1, S.A uses melamine for manufacture products. It is a quality material.