Meet .. Vanessa González Izquierdo

Vanessa González Izquierdo

Periodically we introduce you workers from Ros, their history in the company, outside it, their concerns and hopes


"Vanessa Gonzalez Izquierdo"


"33 years" 
Department and position within the company?

"HHRR. Technical Trainer" 

Tell us your role within the HHRR Department?

"Implementation of the training plan of the company. Promote and raise the Versatility of jobs"

 Objectives and challenges?

"Improving the skills and qualifications in order to expand the knowledge and skills of our operators" 

 What is your day-to-day business?

"Furniture Ros is a very dynamic company in product, models, equipment and machinery ... so my
day job is to convey this dynamism of the different sections of the organization with the purpose and objective of providing this to the workers" 

When did you start working in Ros were your objectives, expectations?

"10 years ago I moved to Artesa de Segre. I did not have a job. I started to worked in Ros in the production line " 
"All this time I've been taking on new responsibilities, and three years ago it raised the possibility of being part of the HHRR team, where  I work today" 

Will they meet?

More than I thought.

How would you like to see the company in 10 years?

"Consolidate as a leading company in the sector, and  be more than a reference company"

  How do you combine work with your personal life?