Manufacturing emotions

That necessity arises one day and inspires you to prove, generate or change all the
things that one day begin to do without thinking.
At Furniture Ros inspiration took us to manufacture convertible cribs. We had a
necessity to give parents all they want: A versatile, design and with unique characteristics
Our convertible cribs adapt to different ages and necessities of your child. From
crib to bed, with a desk and a bedside table included on the evolution.
But that inspiration turned on new emotions, sensations and illusion, and transformed to
an ideal product. Could this furniture be better?
Design is spectacular: convertible cribs with colors, sensations and forms that allow us to create a
perfect ambient where our son will feel good since he or she arrived until he
or she grow up.
You could change room’s decoration and you will get a different bedroom using the same
Convertible crib Ros allows you to do an inversion. Is a secure, accessible and creative product.
Also, at Furniture Ros we create space solutions, doing the needs of our clients, our
needs. Moreover, we manufacture just in time.
We do your kids sleep our sleep, making requirement, our inspiration.