International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggressio

Nor blows nor words that hurt.
The verbal and physical abuse, which are used from hands, belts, whips and even electric cables and logs, are among the most common forms of violence in the family. This follows from the regional consultation on children and adolescents in the context of the recent Global Study of Violence of the United Nations. Despite the "invisibility" of violence in households against children and adolescents, A study estimates that about 40 million children and adolescents between 0 and 14 years suffer from some form of abuse in their families in different parts of world.

There are many ways of abusing a child in the household. Not only through the physical damage, unfortunaly there are another ways of abuses, through neglect and psychological abuse. This is given by the coexistence between people of different ages and sexes are based on a prejudice based on the idea of the legitimacy of unequal treatment towards his fellow men for the simple reason that they have fewer years of age.

Do not forget, however, that violence is done not only from adults to children: In schools have been an increase in violence among children and adolescents to their peers and to their teachers, who would be offset from the beginning by the society and the education authorities.

Source: dnicostarica