I'm pregnant, what can I eat?

When you are pregnant, you feel very excited and at the same time questioned, because you want the best for your baby and your gestation. So, until time passed, and we began to know all changes of our body, we have to know what we can eat and what we can't.According to studies concluded by doctors, pregnants should not eat soft cheeses, some types of fish, raw meat, and of course, shouldn't drink alcohol. Doctors don't reccomend drink coffee.

Furthermore, essential nutrients for pregnant womens are: irone, calcium, vitamines and fatty acids. Doctors recommended drink two liters of water everyday because you can evit constipation.

Therefore some food for any pregnant women are: fruits and vegetables, that helps your baby's membranes construction. Animal fats, because they contain Vitamine A and helps baby's visual system. Fatty acids: like salmon or sardines. Pregnant womens should eat animal proteins like meat, fish or eggs, because they help embryo's growth. Calcium, vitamines and ferment carbohydrates are important too.

That's all! so if you have got a good nutrition, you do exercise everyday and you feel relaxed, you will enjoy gestation!