How to calm a crying baby


Sometimes parents doesn't know how to calm their baby when he or she is crying. Everything have solution, so we want to give you some TIPS that will help you to calm the baby and this will help them to feel happiest.

We could wrap baby with a blanket, he or she will feel pleasure. Experts advice to not envolve their legs, so it can bring problems to their hip.

You can swing gently the baby, he or she will calm in a few minutes. Swing remember them when they are at their mum's belly.

Massage them is another solution that makes a skin to skin contact and will reduce the baby crying. It helps to combat the constipation and respiratory problems.

Offer them chest or feeding bottle, is a good option too, because is a grattifficant activity for babies.

By last, another option is the white noise. Is a type of noise that have all frecuencies with the same potency, and let them remember when they are at their mum's belly. Some specialists tells us that white noise is a temporal solution for babies that are crying a lot and with this option they feel calmly.

So, these are a few options to calm your babies, and they will help you!