Arranging the baby's room. Tips about safety.

For the wall, opt for Eco paints displaying the French NF standard and/or the European Eco-label. 

Indeed, classic paints may have toxic components that are particularly harmful for babies and children.

Check that the furniture you have chosen satisfies child safety standards and is not covered with toxic paint or varnish: your child risks getting some in his mouth one day or another. In Furniture Ros we use Eco paints. 

Be particularly careful
regarding the safety of your baby's bed: choose a crib in compliance with the safety standards in force, in particular with regard to the spacing of the bars. Air the bed and mattress for a long time before installing them in your baby's room. And last but not least, plan to have a baby sleep sack available for baby to sleep in and avoid having a pillow, duvet or soft toy in the bed. You can see more tis about safety in furniture for babies and kids in our web site.

Choose preferably round-cornered furniture, or attach cushioned corner-guards to sharp corners when your baby starts to crawl.

Check that the furniture cannot topple over onto your child if he or she holds onto it to stand up. If necessary attach the furniture to the wall.
Install outlet-covers so that baby cannot put his fingers in to plug points.
Place safety catches on windows so that your child cannot open them on his own.

source: mustella