Bedroom with block bed 30

bedroom with block bed


Use our flexo lamp to make reading at night easier.


Customizable shelves. Have you noticed the back panels? Personalize them with your favourite colour and create a unique study zone on your own.


Personalize your bedroom wall with our hangers. Search for functionalities!


Use magnetic panels, white board panels or the elastic ones, to leave the documents and the memories safely

are you dreaming of a personalized bedroom? you can make it possible with a block bed.

A unique bedroom is possible with a ROS block bed. Choose the sizes that you need, the colours and the perfect room distribution.

A block bed is the perfect idea to give a modern touch to your teens room. The image shows a modular bed with a pull out bed to invite your best friend or cousin to sleep over. Doesn’t it sound like a lot of fun?

Have you noticed the chest on the side of the bed? It’s perfect to keep shoes, documents and a lot more. For the wall, you can use the magnetic panel for your pictures and documents.

Complete your teens bedroom with a wall desk. Customize it on your own. Choose your favourite colour and choose handles with wheels to gain storage space.

Do you like the wallpaper in the composition? You can get at the nearest distributor or you can choose among a lot of possibilities. Complete your room decoration with our decorative sheets, boxes and teen beddings. What do you think?

Get inspired with our ideas and create the perfect bedroom.

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