Bedroom with hideaway bed 3

Bedroom with hideaway bed


New desk paw. A single profile, which travels through a path in space and draws a perfect support.


Use magnetic panels, white board panels or the elastic ones, to leave the documents and the memories safely
Teen wardrobe with drawers

Use your style to decorate a bedroom with hideaway bed. Create an atmosphere inspired on you and our decoration.

We are sure that you are searching for a bedroom with hideaway bed like this one.

Be inspired by our ideas, but create your own combination in your closest furniture shop, where you will be able to choose the bed, the colours, the handles and a lot more.

We know that the space in a teens bedroom means everything. See how you can put a hideaway bed with drawers, a desk and a swing doors’ wardrobe. With a good organization and customized furniture, at #lavieenROS everything is possible.

Choose the measurements that better fit your bedroom. ¡There are a lot of different possibilities!

Complete your bedroom with decoration of la vie en ROS. ¡ We have a bunch of accessories for you!

 We suggest paintings and decorative sheets, so that you can decorate your bedroom as you like. You can also combine the beddings with the decorative pillows. You can find all the possible combinations in the accessories’ page or in a distributor.

Find your nearest shop where you can buy, ask or find your product like you want it.

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