Bed with drawers and magazine rack 10

Teens compact bed and drawers


Use the baskets as toys keepers or to keep whatever you need. There are a lot of designs only for you! Discover them in the accessories page on our website


Choose among a lot of different wallpapers designs. There are endless possibilities!


Choose a vertical mirror and personalize it with your favourite colour. A mirror is essential in a teens bedroom.

Are you searching for a bed with drawers? The current teens bedrooms have compact beds like this one. Discover the whole bedroom!!

To offer you the latest news in teens bedrooms, we thought  you would like to see a bed with drawers like this one.  On the bed, you can see special things like a magazine rack with USB, speaker and bluetooth, You will have everything you like in your own room!

Don’t forget that you can customize your own bed with your favourite colours and you can choose among a bunch of different models and sizes. Everything in your nearest local distributor.

Do you like this desk? It has a chest below. You will take a lot of advantage of the space!

Imagine the shelves in you room... would they be similar to these ones? Draw ideas upon this photo and get inspired to create your modern shelves for your new bedroom.

The wardrobe is another  ESSENTIAL in a room. In this photo you can see a swing-doors’ wardrobe with drawers, but you can choose among a lot of different styles. Be sure that you choose the one that best fits your bedroom.

At last, we can’t miss the teens decoration. Give your personal touch to your bedroom with teens beddings from ROS. You can also use the “paint” wallpaper, which we absolutely LOVE.  What do you think about it?

Choose teens carpets, toys keepers and “pufs”. You will find everything in the accessories page in our website.

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