Compact hideaway bed 4

Compact hideaway bed


Create a bedroom that speaks about you. Use the beddings, the pillows, the carpets, the puffs… A lot of complements which you will find in the decoration page on our website.


We love the sheets! Choose the sheets that best represent you in the accessories page on our website. Which ones do you choose?


Use a panel with hangers and create a unique atmosphere. Don't you think it's great?


Choose among a lot of different wallpapers designs. There are endless possibilities!
metallic bedside table

Create a unique bed

Add metallic complements to the bed. Shelves to leave the books, the tablet and a lot more. Add the complements that you need!

A bedroom with compact hideaway bed, a corner wardrobe and a desk. What else?

To have all the essentials in your teens bedroom you need: a hideaway bed, a corner wardrobe and a desk.

With la vie en ROS, you can inspire in our compositions and create your ideal bedroom in the nearest furniture store, where you will see all the beds, sizes, colors and handles available.

Thanks to the hideaway bed, you will be able to invite your best friend to sleepover whenever you want. In addition, the corner wardrobe is perfect for a bedroom, because it’s large and comfortable to keep your clothes.

Don’t forget to choose the modular shelving and the wallpaper you prefer, to complete your bedroom. Choose the decoration that you like most.

¡And don’t forget the beddings! We have different models for you to choose. Take a look and choose the one that better fits your taste.

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