Baby bedroom with Luxor cot

Baby bedroom with Luxor Cot size 140x70

When you google baby bedroom you expect to find something like this. A bedroom with a Luxor Cot, a chest of drawers with changing table and some shelves to tidy up all the elements in the room.

ROS makes it very easy to combine all the childish furniture: you can choose a wardrobe and several accessories like toy keepers and others.

Use your favourite colours and combine them in your own way. For this cot we used the Montana colour. It looks gorgeous! As you can see, it matches with the chest of drawers, in white and aqua green. A sweet combination for a baby bedroom.

We have even more ideas for you: Use our wallpapers, there are many models available. In the photo you can see the childish Arco Iris wallpaper. Doesn’t it look great? You can choose your number-one and combine it with the rest of the furniture and decoration.

The cot’s bedding set is also available, as well as the pillows, carpets and the changing table cover. Which is your favourite design? Combine all the decoration, there are a lot of possible options.

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