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The functionality of Ros wardrobes


The wardrobes are very important for all homes: take up space but we can put in it lot of objects. Sometimes our wardrobe became too small and we want some other shelves. 

For this reason Ros wants to help you to adquire the wardrobe of your dreams. Wardrobes could be high, with different designs. 

Also, simple wardrobes: with shelves and a metallic bar. Wardrobes more complete: with drawers inside or with folding beds. A wardrobe for you. 

It’s evident that a product like a wardrobe is very important, and at Furniture Ros we work for you, because we want the perfect furniture, with funcionality and with the design you want. 

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Furniture Ros wardrobes, space and design at the same time

At the last post we gave you some ideas for change summer clothes to winter clothes. 
Now we show you Furniture Ros wardrobes: they will be the perfect allied:  practice, originals, resistants, recyclable and modern for all the family. 
In Furniture Ros we have babies wardrobes, junior wardrobes,and for mommy and daddy. 
Enter and check our products. You will find the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle. Space solutions, a good design, organisation and price. 
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It’s time to change clothes of the wardrobe


First we have to collect the room because we will work better.
If we would like to do it perfectly, we have to remove all the clothes of the wardrobe and clean it.
Second, decide what clothes you will want for next year and what you have to donate or sell. 
Also there are clothes for using  all seasons, so you can leave them at the same place. 
Next year you would like to found clothes in good conditions, so wash and put them into boxes. Finally, name the boxes.
Now backwards, collect winter clothes and select for cleaning and organising in the wardrobe.
So, have drawers, shelves and rail on the wardrobe is the best way to have everything keep it optimally. 

So let’s go!

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Teenagers chose their bedroom…did you doubt it?

This teenager took the colour of his favorite drink bottle to give his bedroom a personal touch. The orange color gives a youthful touch, and the white a grown-up kick.The carpet and pouf delimit a leisure area. The orange bed platform brings style and space. A simple wardrobe for storage, without distracting from the striking colors. And finally to give the room a very personal style, he choses a desk with two books store and geometric cubes, reminiscent of the game of tetris. 

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What is the personality of your wardrobe?

In our new Wardrobe catalogue “Spazio +”, you can customize your wardrobe, with ou doors finishing “PANELS”. We leave the door on three parts.

In this way, thanks to our varied range of finishes, we can achieve the same wardrobe with different styles: Funny, elegant, sober, etc.. You can see more in Spazio +

furniture ros, spazio plus, wardrobe, wardrobe catalogue

New wardrobe catalogue: Spazio +

In a few days, we will show our new wardrobe catalogue: Spazio +

Comes with three programs, today I speak about the first two, and during the next week we will talk deeper about the catalogue, in our social networks and web:

open + Open your imagination to a place that you thought did not exist. Open plus represents our new line of swing door wardrobes, and the fronts come with five different finishes.

moving + Find all the alternatives in sliding door wardrobes. With four different door finishes. Costumer can choose the right size for each space, adapting to every single need.

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Convertible cribs, cribs and nursery furniture. Ros Mini Catalog.

A delicate environment, where space and harmony is cared, is what you wish for your baby and children´s rooms. Ros Group cares about this environment in its last baby furniture catalogue. An excellent collection of cribs, dressers, beds, wardrobes and accessories for
your babies´ room.  Ros  group, with its long experience in the world of childcare, is for sure the sensible choice for your baby. Who does not know our convertible cots? When your child is a baby we offer you a cot, with its drawers, its changing table and shelves and when your

baby becomes a child, the cot becomes a bed with a writing desktop too. As you can see Ros group grows with your children.