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Reduce crying on the nursery

Our kid grows up and it’s time to go to the nursery. The first day is normal that baby
begin to cry. We want the best for our kids: meet new friends, enjoy the time
on the nursery.
But to avoid crying every day, there exists some advices that will help him lot of
things like: is a good place, and he or she should not to cry because mum and
dad will go for him later
For example, we have to tell him the reason because is there, what he will do and with who. 
We have to familiarize him to the nursery and with other babies. Also, is good
entry with him at the nursery the first time.
We keep in mind that go to the nursery is good for babies: they develops the apprenticeship
with affective and mentally games and activities. 
All these activities will influence on the autonomy of the babies and they will explore their around, meeting new friends.

So, let’s start on the nursery school?

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Motivate kids for doing homework

It is important make children want to realize their homework. It is a very important moment of the day and we know that kids are tired, but they should do it. 
To encourage them, the bedroom should be pleasant and appropiate. Must not be a place of passage and must not have distractions, but they have to like it. 
Before beginning the homework, we have to know when is the perfect moment for doing homework: until they arrived of school or after a few minutes. It depends of their productive time or eagerness to study. Doing homework always at the same time will create them an habit. 
We have to encourage them and organize homework with kids. For this reason we have to tell them how to estructurate the time: first the homework that don’t like and after subjects which like more. 
Having a pleasant space for doing homework will motivate them

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Backpacks: backaches that can be avoided

Our children grow up and begin to go to school, so they have to carry books and notebooks for their studies. 
Is very important to know that children should not abuse of weigh at their back. For this reason, we want to offer you some tips to help children to carry the backpack and the correct manipulation of it. 
Kids don’t have to carry more than the 10% of their total weight. At the same time, carry the backpack with the two shoulders is better than carrying all the weight with one shoulder. Even it looks like better, at future they will have back hurts. 
For providing the weight, is better put the high objects at the back part, and the light objects in front. 
Another tip is pick up backpack from a table. It avoid bending and carry all the weigh suddenly. 
Sit up well, sleep well and maintaining the proper posture are very important for kids, because their back needs healthy habits: position at bed, at chair and walking position. 
For this reason, we have to adquire quality matresses and beds and educate children with properly positions. 
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Remedies for when babies remove bed cover

All parents know that crib is where babies pass more time from they are born.
Cribs should be secure and made of quality furniture, and for this reason, we should know what we are buying and if the product meets our needs.
Ros manufactures quality products, with security certificates that provide us
specific characteristics for be the bests.
But, when we have got the crib, some tips to make your child comfortable are always optimally.
For example: what we can do because baby do not remove the bed cover?
An example is dress him a one-piece sleeper. With this clothe, baby should not feel cold. 
Another option is having a sleeping bag. It is further important the bedroom temperature, it must be good for you and for the baby. When the baby has grown
up, they will cover and uncover depending if he or she has got cold or heat.
Ros Textile has complements like duvets, bedcovers, cushions, sheets… that will not leave you indifferent. Also of the different designs, most of the textile complements
are removable. Are secure complements where your baby will feel comfortable and
where he or she will sleep perfectly: the perfect solution.
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I’m pregnant, what can I eat?

When you are pregnant, you feel very excited and at the same time questioned, because you want the best for your baby and your gestation. So, until time passed, and we began to know all changes of our body, we have to know what we can eat and what we can’t.According to studies concluded by doctors, pregnants should not eat soft cheeses, some types of fish, raw meat, and of course, shouldn’t drink alcohol. Doctors don’t reccomend drink coffee.

Furthermore, essential nutrients for pregnant womens are: irone, calcium, vitamines and fatty acids. Doctors recommended drink two liters of water everyday because you can evit constipation.

Therefore some food for any pregnant women are: fruits and vegetables, that helps your baby’s membranes construction. Animal fats, because they contain Vitamine A and helps baby’s visual system. Fatty acids: like salmon or sardines. Pregnant womens should eat animal proteins like meat, fish or eggs, because they help embryo’s growth. Calcium, vitamines and ferment carbohydrates are important too.

That’s all! so if you have got a good nutrition, you do exercise everyday and you feel relaxed, you will enjoy gestation!


How to calm a crying baby


Sometimes parents doesn’t know how to calm their baby when he or she is crying. Everything have solution, so we want to give you some TIPS that will help you to calm the baby and this will help them to feel happiest.

We could wrap baby with a blanket, he or she will feel pleasure. Experts advice to not envolve their legs, so it can bring problems to their hip.

You can swing gently the baby, he or she will calm in a few minutes. Swing remember them when they are at their mum’s belly.

Massage them is another solution that makes a skin to skin contact and will reduce the baby crying. It helps to combat the constipation and respiratory problems.

Offer them chest or feeding bottle, is a good option too, because is a grattifficant activity for babies.

By last, another option is the white noise. Is a type of noise that have all frecuencies with the same potency, and let them remember when they are at their mum’s belly. Some specialists tells us that white noise is a temporal solution for babies that are crying a lot and with this option they feel calmly.

So, these are a few options to calm your babies, and they will help you!

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Waking up at midnight

Kids need to rest, and sleeping bring them energy and vitality.
Lots of kids woke up at midnight, and this concern parents. In several occasions our
son wants us sleep with us. It is a problem, because their associate
sleeps with parents.
For obtain best rest of our kids, we give you some advices like:
Have dark bedroom at night should be ideally. and with a 17 or 20º of temperature. 
Also we must avoid physical activity before bedtime, because kids will be nervous and will not sleep.
The best way before put them in bed, is shower them, they will be relaxed and will
conciliate sleep quickly.
It’s important to make sure that children don’t eat a lot before bedtime, because
they will have a difficult digest.
We must have to avoid television time or let them using technology after 8 p.m because
it stimulate them.
We should respect kids when they want a baby doll for sleep, because it helps them feeling more secure.
If our kid has got several sleep disorder, we should go to a pediatrician.
Therefore, we encourage all to keep on these techniques, and make sure that kids can sleep
through the night. 
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How long has to sleep a baby?

When our baby has born,to achieve that he(she) sleeps during the whole night is an
important event that we all wish to happen.
Parents usually have lots of questions, more when the baby is recently born or they are
first time parents. 
The first and the most important question is how many ours the baby have to sleep. Every baby is different, so
their sleep is different about other babies. Don’t worry about it, we want to
give you some instructions about the sleep of your baby.
A newborn child usually sleeps about 16 or 20 hours, they don’t distinguish the day of
the night, and when wake up, usually they are hungry .
With three weeks of life, babies sleep about 16 or 18 hours. With six weeks, 15 or 16
hours and they will reduce his sleep hours until arriving at nine months, when
they sleep 10 or 11 hours.
As the babygrows up, they do nap during one or two hours. For this reason with 18 months
our baby will sleep until 13 hours, plus two naps. With three years, will sleep
10 or 11 hours, and will do a nap of two more hours.
 Our childwill need rest to have energy, so they will have to sleep the necessary hours.
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Wardrobe organisation

Streamline your wardrobe and declutter your life with smart storage solutions, a bit of practical planning, and possibly a few donations to your nearest Salvation Army clothing bin.

Are you afraid to open your wardrobe, for fear a mountain of clothes might tumble down on your head? Are your shoes neatly ordered, or simply thrown in a pile? It’s all too easy to jam the doors shut and think, ‘Out of sight, out of mind‘, but it only takes a few clever storage solutions to turn your space into a well-ordered and accessible area. On the opposite page, we’ve added a hanging canvas bag from Howards Storage World to our Freedom Riva wardrobe, to create space to store jumpers, hats and T-shirts, while stylish storage and shoe boxes keep the space uncluttered.

If space is at a premium, the ingenious new Elfa system from The Storage Company could come in handy. With fittings in a mixture of metal and birch wood, the ‘wardrobe’ bolts to the wall and features a hanging rail, shoe rack, dresser shelf and storage baskets. Ideal for a spare bedroom or in an awkward corner, it could also be utilised as a space to store bed linen and towels, or pretty much anything you like.

source: homelife

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Several tips that you must consider before you buy a furniture.

Baby Bedroom From Furniture Ros

When we talk about children and youth furniture, we have to take into account the environment and the space, and the furniture´s adaptation to small spaces, which is the case of many homes today. Our worry is to design free environments in small spaces. In 1974, Mr R.H. Smith already warned that larger spaces in children´s rooms favor greater motor activity in children, activate their creative, behavior, physical contact and their verbal communication.
Materials. Always look for furniture which have been approved by the EEC, it just not only guarantees the quality, durability and wear resistance of the furniture, it also avoid unnecessary concern or unaware of what kind of materials have been use in its manufacturation, therefore you will prevent accidents, adverse reactions or allergic diseases which may cause to our children.
The proper thickness of the wardrobe will guarantee durability and resistance to deterioration. We recall that we speak about our children, therefore the furniture is exposed to the antics of our little ones.
Bases well constructed will always have strength and stability, avoiding unnecessary accidents or landslides.

Kids Bedroom From Furniture Ros

Price is important when buying a wardrobe, but they are also measures that influence the degree of storage capacity. Its interior, it is not the same if it comes with integrated drawers and shelves or it comes empty. Beware! sometimes the price fool you!
Always look for a furniture which has a faithful commitment to the environment, a furniture which respect the environment, in its conception and creation. Look for distinctive certificates in its commiment with the environment.
Social responsibility. It is important that we ensure to all the fixed assets have a trace which is socially responsible.