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LED at furniture

Nowadays LED trends are modern and energize our bedrooms. At Furniture Ros we introduce
led lighting at our furniture, and for this reason we want to talk about led lighting.
Light at bedrooms is modern, and if it is natural, is better, because it brings life to our room.
But nowadays people put leds at furniture. This type of light is lasting and it has
very potency. It decorates our room and creates an ideal and perfect ambient.
 This type of lights increasingly are utilized at youth bedrooms.
Do you want one?



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When our kids grow up they begin a “difficult” time.
Lots of times, the word teenager means “help”, and we don’t find an explication for
the conducts of our children.
Sometimes we only look at the conflicting attitudes developed at this age, and then we
react with fear.
Every kid learns walking with risk of falling, and therefore hurt learning, like teens.
This is an age that kids love their friends. Teens discover that words of their
parents are obsolete and they love “carpe diem” of his friends.
But don’t worry and be a good educator. Patience is the best weapon, but you have to
delimit the limits. To counteract you have to bring them autonomy because they
grow up and bring us trustfulness.

Little by little, we see that is a good stage for our teens and we like to see them grow up. 


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Folding beds, space solutions

Do you have little space in your bedroom? Do you wish to take out the bed and gain space?
At Furniture Ros we create solutions of space, and one of it is the folding bed.
You can sleep on it, and have more space in your bedroom during the day. Our folding
beds have storage, so you can save the bed and you can use it for wardrobe.
It’s a good idea to have a youth, modern and dynamic bedroom. It will be unique and with a
spectacular design.
Do not hesitate, if you have little space, Ros folding bed is your solution



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Convertible generation

We born to be convertible.
We become a naughty boy who runs everywhere, later, a boy who don’t want to do his homework. 
When the little boy grows up, becomes a teen who goes party with his friends and later he get up to be an adult who works to save some money.
We adapt to our necessities, until we become multifunctional
People change if they don’t like themselves, if their lifes switch, so we are a convertible generation, because we evolution and we reinvent ourselves
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Teenagers and their study area

Every teenager should have a room, or part of the room where can study and prepare projects for school. If you have bigger house you can make one room specially for this purpose. But if you live in a small apartment and your space is limited you need to find some free corner and you should rearrange it in place for studying. That way your kid’s school stuff will be every time arranged and you will enable them easier learning.

Remenber that Teenage years can be dominated by school exams, so a tidy and organised study area in a teen’s bedroom is a must. Invest in a good quality desk and chair and fit some shelves above the desk area so your teen has plenty of space to store coursework and books.


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Teenagers chose their bedroom…did you doubt it?

This teenager took the colour of his favorite drink bottle to give his bedroom a personal touch. The orange color gives a youthful touch, and the white a grown-up kick.The carpet and pouf delimit a leisure area. The orange bed platform brings style and space. A simple wardrobe for storage, without distracting from the striking colors. And finally to give the room a very personal style, he choses a desk with two books store and geometric cubes, reminiscent of the game of tetris.