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Details that will make mom happy

At Furniture Ros we work for being possible baby’s comfort. For this reason we
design textile baby room.
We have some
textile products that will like at the mother that will have a baby. Products
like basket perfumes: a good product, tender and unique that you can full of
perfumes and crèmes for baby. Basket perfumes exist with some models: 
products are manufactured 100%cotton, and we have some models and measures.
option is a lamp for baby’s bedroom or a set of cushions. What you like, only
for making a present to the baby that you will love a lot. 
basket colonies, changer cover, cushions, duvets, games, lamps, Mini cribs, ros textile, savers, sheets, travel changer

Ros Textile launches its new catalog

Is called “Ssshhh” and comes loaded with new features: Mini cribs, travel changer, changer cover, basket colonies, sheets, duvets, savers, games, cushions, lamps.

Today we present you the new collections:

Giraffe Collection, is an evolution of our successful previous collection, pastel colors for greater harmony. Available in orange and green.

Collection Cuore. Now in beige and pink.

Little dreams; also available in beige, blue, orange and pink.

Farfalle, evolution of our successful line butterflies, new design and now available in beige and purple.

Starts, for your baby and his/her journey through the Milky Way, dreaming, available in light blue.

You can see the full catalog at