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Textil Ros, la mejor calidad

La habitación de tu bebé es un universo lleno de vida, cada
detalle es importante y todo lo que escogemos define el entorno en el que
deseamos ver crecer a nuestros hij@s, un modo de ser, de vivir, de soñar. 
este espacio tan personal, tan íntimo, empieza por lo más puro y fundamental:
la calidad del algodón que mecerá su piel día a día.
La sábana de Ros Textil está fabricada con algodón de máxima
calidad, siguiendo un riguroso y exhaustivo proceso de selección. Conscientes
de la delicadeza y la suavidad que merece la piel del bebé, garantizamos que
los tejidos y los acabados de nuestro juego de sábanas cumplen con los más
altos requisitos de calidad.
El juego de sábanas está disponible en todos los tamaños:
para minicuna, cuna de 60 x 120, cuna de 70×140 y de 80×130.
Kind und Jugend, Ros textil, Stelle

We present our model Stelle at Kind und Jugend

All the people in the world share the same stars. This might be the reason why our Stelle  is arousing such a great interest among the visitors coming from so many different countries.

Our collection has no limits, no boundaries apply and, just like the stars in the sky, they spand almost to infinity.

Giraffa, Kind und Jugend 2013, Ros textil

Kind und Jugend 2013 Our dear Giraffa, more beloved than ever.

Our Giraffa model is a classic in Ros Textiles collection. This year, Giraffa starts a new course with a great renewal of her image. Without loosing a hint of personality, Giraffa arrived at Kind und Jugend more fresh, soft and bright than ever. The finishing of the embroideries, using the most updated technics in the market, the quality of the textiles and the combination of colours in winding lines, grant to this renewed collection a very special touch.

Ros textil

Ros Curtains and Textiles

Many moms want curtains to match the room. Ros Textile offers customers a versatile and functional solution. On the one hand, we offer curtains by meters (in different options and prices). On the other side we offer wall-melt by patterns, colors and measures. These applets work as stickers, that by the heat ironing´s heat are attached to clothing. Thus, once the curtain is drawn up with basic fabrics, the client can made his/her own chose and make a unique curtain. Iron … And go!

decorate children rooms, Ros textil

Dress a child’s room

 Select the furniture for our bedroom is not a simple task,  but neither is dressing, we refer to the accessories that decorate our rooms, making special emphasis on those which are assigned to our beds that are responsible for stress and enhance their ability to decorative. In the case of a baby room, decorate the nursery with the accessories you like. There are mini cribs, night tables, lamps and lots of other things. In Ros Textil we offer a splendid selection of accessories for children’s furniture, in different styles, check out our website and be amazed.