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What is a convertible crib and why?

Convertible crib from  Ros

Children grow very fast and suddenly they dont fit have in their cribs.
So we have to buy a bed and get rid of the crib. The cradle is very often new and beautiful, but when the baby grows and if you don´t have more children, it won´t be more useful and we have to keep it way. However there is a solution for this; buy a convertible crib and then turn it into bed.

This furniture will not only provide a rest area, also a dresser and a changing practice. In the upper right we have three boxes. These are very useful for storing blankets, linens and other bedding. The exchanger consists of two parts: the area to put the baby while changing the baby clothes and diapers. This padded for the child´s comfort and has high edges to prevent falls. Under the changing table we have a chest of drawers to have on hand everything necessary for changing clothes. The cradle has a secure handrail for the child to stand up and not fall.

Bed from Convertible crib from  Ros

If we want to convert the crib into a bed, we just have to separate the cabinet drawers and remove the changer. All is done without great difficulty. The cabinet has a system to run out and get the mattress and the crib expands to the size of a conventional bed. We just have to change the mattress and remove the rail. The drawers in the cabinet retain their place, and you can put the drawers beside the bed, making the role of bedside table.

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Costumer tips

When we talk about children and youth furniture, we have to take into account the environment and the space, and the furniture´s adaptation to small spaces, which is the case of many homes today.  Our worry is to design free environments in small spaces. In 1974, Mr R.H. Smith already warned that larger spaces in children´s rooms favor greater motor activity in children, activate their creative,  behavior,  physical contact and  their verbal communication.