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How can the parents create self-esteem?

Self-esteem is seen as an evaluative sense of ourselves. this feeling begins to develop from the 5 and 6 years, which is when we begin to appreciate how sees us older people.

From this age, children begin to have good or bad self-esteem. The good self- esteem is detected when the child or the child is competent with his things, either the school or just any problem that may happen. In addition, he like to study and if he have got a qüestion he ask for help.

In contrast, a child with low self-esteem does not trust himself. Usually is a shy person, uncreative and sometimes can develop bad attitude.


Photo from Kiran Foster

So parents can help develop good self-esteem in their children, they have to respect all its attitudes and positions.They may not ask for perfection and they have to listen and answer all the child questions. In addition is good that parents encourage kids to make decisions for themselves and give them responsibilities and promote their interests.

The role of parents is then very important for develop self-esteem of children. They have to help them evaluate, learn from mistakes and feel good about themselves.

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New convertible crib for twins “Duo”

Today we present you  the new convertible crib for twins and its multiple possibilities. 
In 2010 we made the innovative twin convertible crib, it was a success, and helped us to continue developing new ideas that have led to this new model.
In Ros furniture, not only we do the design, you do too. This crib is the result of the effort and imagination of our designer, but also thanks to your opinions. Several parents told us that if we could make a convertible crib for twins which become a bunk bed. 

We listened that and we went to work, we did not want to do it without the second option to convert the crib also into two beds also, without forgetting the need of space that other parents had told us. So we offer two options of conversions.

The result is the Convertible Crib for twins “Duo” in the photo with wardrobe, table desk, shelf and textile accessories. It has two possible conversions: Two beds 90×190 or a bunk bed with two beds of 90 x 190. It is a patented product.

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New trundle beds from Ros furniture

Young and original , beds with a large capacity storage beds bedrooms.

The trundle beds are compact beds that are kept under a traditional bed and use when you need to use .

Each design fits the style of a room. You can match the color of the bed with the desktop to create harmony. All with our new line of finishes “Touch”; original, pop , suggestive, it is the result of extensive research on the latest trends in the world market of furniture for young people.

Desks and wardrobes are personalized and customized.

With large space to store all that you want.

These designs have gained popularity. Our designs are more functional , but also decorative.

The solution space for rooms,  compact beds with large capacity storage.

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Once upon a time a catalog called Ros Mini…

…. aroused parents and babies’ hopes the catalog grew up and became Ros Mini 2 creating more hopes and dreams…. ..One day it asked itself. What will I be when I become Ros Mini 3? Will I create as many illusions as now, or even more? A little voice answered: What is done with dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm always brings results. Ros Mini 2 will soon have an answer, which will be decided by you. Today we remember with this video where the Ros Minis began.

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New catalog for children

You heard it right! We are about to realease our new kid´s catalog. It is full of surprises and we have evolved earlier models.
New finishes, new cribs, new convertibles, new designs.
when will we see the new product in the stores?
Very soon. So far we advance this convertible crib, one of the novelties of our next catalog.