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It’s time to change clothes of the wardrobe


First we have to collect the room because we will work better.
If we would like to do it perfectly, we have to remove all the clothes of the wardrobe and clean it.
Second, decide what clothes you will want for next year and what you have to donate or sell. 
Also there are clothes for using  all seasons, so you can leave them at the same place. 
Next year you would like to found clothes in good conditions, so wash and put them into boxes. Finally, name the boxes.
Now backwards, collect winter clothes and select for cleaning and organising in the wardrobe.
So, have drawers, shelves and rail on the wardrobe is the best way to have everything keep it optimally. 

So let’s go!

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Teenagers chose their bedroom…did you doubt it?

This teenager took the colour of his favorite drink bottle to give his bedroom a personal touch. The orange color gives a youthful touch, and the white a grown-up kick.The carpet and pouf delimit a leisure area. The orange bed platform brings style and space. A simple wardrobe for storage, without distracting from the striking colors. And finally to give the room a very personal style, he choses a desk with two books store and geometric cubes, reminiscent of the game of tetris. 

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Have fun painting your walls!

The decision is yours. Yours parents and friends can give you advise, but at the end of the day. The room must have your personality.

Paint your walls! This really helps change your room. If your parents won’t allow you to paint your walls, that’s okay. Move on to the next step. If they will, that’s great too! Make sure that you pick a color that you like and that goes well with a lot of stuff. If you want, you can paint all of your walls the same color, but some like to have a few different colors to provide variety. Other people go nuts, paint each wall a different color, and have no theme whatsoever. Do whatever you like! Whatever you do, make your personality shine! If you and your parents are struggling to decide what color to paint your room, compromise! Do your parents want you to paint your room light pink, but you want to paint it black (or vice versa)? Compromise by painting your room light pink and use black as an accent!

Another option, it is to put stickers walls in your room. There are Artistic vinyl wall decals for Kids, Teens and Adults who prefer decorating walls quickly and easily. There are to many manufacturers, we work and recommend figurayfondo

Painting your room, should be a very personal exercise and fun, and if at the end, you do not like the result, you can always painting back 😉

Have fun!!


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Do you sleep alone or share your room with your brother or sister?

Every child is different, and every family is a universe, but many parents experience said that children sleep better when they share a room with their older brothers. But what about the older brother?.

When they enter adolescence, tenneagers give a lot of importance to their own space.

In Ros, we don´t only look at design furniture, quality, functionality, furniture and many other things. We also consider the changes that arise in the growth of children and  we offer different solutions: Bunk beds, train beds, folding beds, endless possibilities to share space and at the same time made the kids feel that they are within their own space. We show a summary of the solutions we can offer: