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Kind und Jugend 2013

Air Cot, Kind und Jugend 2013

Kind und Jugend 2013. Air Cot

Ros furniture presents in Kind and Jugend its line Air: A futuristic and spectacular design, which arrives in the world of children’s furniture. The cot seems suspended in the air, reflecting a relaxed and balanced atmosphera.

An asymmetric structure rests on a curved line, reflecting the simplicity and originality.

Giraffa, Kind und Jugend 2013, Ros textil

Kind und Jugend 2013 Our dear Giraffa, more beloved than ever.

Our Giraffa model is a classic in Ros Textiles collection. This year, Giraffa starts a new course with a great renewal of her image. Without loosing a hint of personality, Giraffa arrived at Kind und Jugend more fresh, soft and bright than ever. The finishing of the embroideries, using the most updated technics in the market, the quality of the textiles and the combination of colours in winding lines, grant to this renewed collection a very special touch.

Convertible Cot, Kind und Jugend 2013, twin babies

Kind und Jugend 2013. Sleeping arrangements for twin babies.

Between diapers, baby bottles, laundry and cleaning, you feel somewhat outdated with your twin babies? So you don’t want to add the problem of sleeping arrangements. Be doubly prepared compared to the arrival of only one baby so everything will be fine at your return from the maternity hospital. 

Convertible Crib: first position

Convertible Crib: second position
To solve the problem of space that could cause the purchase of 2 beds for the twins, ROS puts up for sale after years of investment in research and development a patented product, UNIQUE in the market: The Convertible Crib for Twins.

This bed is approved with its special dimensions and enables to have in only one block the two cribs in order to save space for the room. Its removable barrier which slides up completely without having to dismantle the bed creates a sofa position useful as a transition for the twins.

Convertible Crib: second position

The bed in junior position.
 Indeed, this block enables to have two beds 90 * 190 without having to buy a bed base or any other accessories except the mattress.  Revolutionary bed, it will bring happiness for all the parents that are expecting twins, and which are eager to turn space to good account. Click the following link: convertible twins.