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Drawers on a compact bed


Sometimes we think about how to manage the space on our room. One of the best solutions is buying a compact bed with drawers, because we will have a compact bed and storage at the same furniture.We save space: unintentionally we not buy a buck.

It’s modern: our bedroom have got a juvenile and a modern aspect.Is comfort: we could save lot of things, because drawers are wide and allows us to use them. 

In adittion, we could choose the favourite color, the handle and the bed model: with drawers, with drawers and a pull out bed… ¿Do you like it?

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Furniture Ros : The Children´s House

The bedroom is for children as the house is for adults.
A safe and warm place to rest, which is full of useful items and furnitures to live a different adventure every day.

To design good furniture for children we need to understand  their evolution proces. Ros Furniture features innovative design solutions that change and grow over time as the children grow, we see this as a journey together.

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Teenagers chose their bedroom…did you doubt it?

This teenager took the colour of his favorite drink bottle to give his bedroom a personal touch. The orange color gives a youthful touch, and the white a grown-up kick.The carpet and pouf delimit a leisure area. The orange bed platform brings style and space. A simple wardrobe for storage, without distracting from the striking colors. And finally to give the room a very personal style, he choses a desk with two books store and geometric cubes, reminiscent of the game of tetris.