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Joel Terrero

Joel Terrero

Joel´s history. Today is International Migrant’s Day

Joel Terrero

Today is International Migrant’s Day and We speak about Joel Terrero.

Joel Terrero, a 33 year old Dominican came with a suitcase full of dreams to Spain. Today he told me his story within The Ros factory.

Part of my family was already in here, my mother, my sister. I arrived to Spain 6 years ago. Ros already hired me when I was still in my country. Ros opened a big door to me, a door full of opportunities which I did not want to miss and I embarked on this destination where I am today.

Ros has been his workplace in the last 6 years, Joel tells me about his position in the company and his dreams:

I work in The Assembly Deparment, I am in charge of a machine called Biesse Rover 346 2.  I’m the operator, the machine bores generic parts to customize, I’m responsible for that machine during the evening shift (2:00 to 10:00).

Speaking about your country: What do you miss  most?

Apart from my family and friends, the weather of course, the evening with friends drinking wine, La Force and listening to Dominicam music, basketball, baseball. There was a food chain called The Chicken King, I miss it too a lot.

On a personal level, so far , How has been the your experience living abroad?
It has been great so far, I learned many things, I have contact with people from different cultures. Regarding the company, it has opened doors and taught me a profession. Dealing with colleagues has been very positive in general and I have learned a lot from that too.

Which are your challenges?

The subjects never end, we all have goals and dreams.
Good economy, stability, family, and keeping, that no day is like.

How would you like to see the company in 10 years?

I hope getting better, things can improve. Why not?. In some ways is the company feeds us and cares for us.

How do you combine your work with your personal life?

Well!! I like my schedule. It gives me time to do my things, going to the GYM, and time for my personal and daily life.