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Textil Ros, la mejor calidad

La habitación de tu bebé es un universo lleno de vida, cada
detalle es importante y todo lo que escogemos define el entorno en el que
deseamos ver crecer a nuestros hij@s, un modo de ser, de vivir, de soñar. 
este espacio tan personal, tan íntimo, empieza por lo más puro y fundamental:
la calidad del algodón que mecerá su piel día a día.
La sábana de Ros Textil está fabricada con algodón de máxima
calidad, siguiendo un riguroso y exhaustivo proceso de selección. Conscientes
de la delicadeza y la suavidad que merece la piel del bebé, garantizamos que
los tejidos y los acabados de nuestro juego de sábanas cumplen con los más
altos requisitos de calidad.
El juego de sábanas está disponible en todos los tamaños:
para minicuna, cuna de 60 x 120, cuna de 70×140 y de 80×130.
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Crib to bed

The cradle is the place where our baby will pass more hours after his birth. 

The cradle have to be perfect: it should have a good mattress and should fit well to avoid shocks and it should be made of natural and quality material, like wood. This material is warmer and makes a welcoming feeling. 

But one day our baby have to go to the bed and it’s a very important moment for him and his parents.
It doesn’t exist a precise moment to change the bed because every person answers different on his necessities. We don’t have to change the crib when we recently have another brother or sister, because our baby has got an change and it’s very important yet. Even if our baby has got an older brother or sister, the change is better because he will want to copy his brother.

How we can do it easier?

We can let him sleep on the cradle and do nap in bed. We can explain him the reasons of the change. We can put the bed at the same place like the cot and reuse a blanket or sheet that is familiar to our baby
But one of the best solutions is buy a convertible crib. The parents can save the crib and the baby feels more acquainted. 
The furniture is the same like the past and it’s possible that our baby can remember the colour of the furniture or some feature that reminds him where he slept.
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A bit of history

Ros furniture was founded in 1933, when Mr. Josep Ros Puigpinós opened a small carpentry in Artesa de Segre, province of Lleida, Spain.  What at first would be an artisan carpentry and joinery became soon a small workshop thanks to the enthusiasm and eagerness of its founder.
This small workshop took constant changes and transformations throught  eight decades, with continued activity, exchange of ideas and constant improvement to become what is of the Ros Group today.
Currently our sales network has over 3000 customers only in Spain, some of which have relied on us since the day we began, 300 foreign customers and a network of representatives.
Today, we have a production factory of 35,000 square meters, in which there are employed a team of 240 people, including managerial, technical, clerical, manufacturing, transportation and hundreds