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Compacts Beds. The Queen of the Children´s rooms

The bed is the most important furniture in the children’s room.
Of course it must be comfortable, cozy and safe. 
You may be tempting to buy a large item that catches your attention, but furniture today are specifically designed to maximize space.
The design is also important and it has to come with a good functionality and a strong safety system.

We have all kinds of compact beds in the new catalog from Ros Furniture, full of variations, you can choose colour, model and measure.These beds are ideal for children, young and not so young.
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CoSleeping. Sharing Sleep With Your Newborn

Sleeping with your baby is the most natural and wonderful thing to do. Yes it may put off the transition to his own bed but I assure you it’ll happen way before he is 8. There is as much research that a child is less likely to have SIDS when sleeping with Mom. Make sure your blanket and pillows are away from your son. Babies don’t need pillows and you might have to sacrifice your blanket but it’s worth it. Your baby was inside of you, cozy, protected, warm and with the sound of your heartbeat for 9 months. Doesn’t it make sense he would sleep better next to your warmth, your smell, your heartbeat? There is research that shows both baby and Mother sleep better together,connected physiologically they fall into the same breathing patterns. As far as letting your baby cry – why is it ok to teach a 2 week old about loneliness? Babies cry to communicate, why teach your baby that when he cries, no one will be there for him? Enjoy your baby try to follow his lead and follow your heart.

In furniture Ros we offer you this functional CoSleeping Cot, once your baby is a child, in can be used as a small desk.


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Choosing a Bunk Bed for your children

If you are looking for kids bunk beds, you will be happy to see so many choices we have in Furniture Ros. But then comes the time to choose, and to start narrowing it down to the one bunk bed that fits, and the choices may seem confusing.

Things to Consider

A very important feature that you need to consider before buying a bunk bed is safety. Make sure that the bunk bed you are buying complies with all safety regulations so that you can minimize the risk of injuries. 
Consider your own and your child’s needs.
Consider the child’s age.
Consider how many children will be sharing the room, or whether your child often has friends who sleep over.
Depending on your needs take a look at the different kinds of bunk beds on our catalogue. Most bunk beds do not come with mattresses, so follow the manufacturer’s recommendations in that regard.


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New catalog of furniture for babies from Furniture Ros. Be the first to see it.

A delicate environment, where space and harmony is cared, is what you wish for your baby and children´s rooms. Ros Group cares about this environment in its last baby furniture catalogue. An excellent collection of cribs, convertible cribs, dressers, beds, wardrobes and accessories for your babies´ room. 
In this post you have some pictures but you can see the whole catalogue at: Ros Mini 2014

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New folding beds from Furniture Ros

Increasingly popular, perhaps because houses and floors are build smaller these days, or because the designs and mechanisms of folding beds are becoming more advanced and effective.
This is the case of the latest folding beds collection of furniture Ros . We have improved the whole structure. Incorporate new braking system; very smooth opening and closing.
New rings for safe and optimum support of the mattress. And the new collection is available in all widths and sizes.Our folding beds offer you options and solutions to make the most of the room and help us to sleep, and also for our Kids to have space for playing and doing homework.
Folding beds, with tables, shelves and bookcases. The possible combinations are extensive. I am better to show you the pictures and judge yourself :


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Meet Tania Gomà

Periodically we introduce you our workers, their history in the company, outside it, their concerns and hopes.


Tania Gomà, she is 31 years old, she has been working for Ros 11 years. She talk to us about her impressions on her work inside the company, challenges and aims:
I am in the Department of Quality and Improvement.
¿Cuéntanos la función de tu departamento?
My mission is to manage and analyze the possible incidents that could be caused inside our productive process.
Tell us about your department´s Objectives and challenges:

The principal one, and more importantly, is to improve quality day after day in our processes. With the aim to satisfied our clients. 
What is the day to day in the company?
Very active. I solve problems and I look for improvements, also where seems that it works correctly.
When did you start working for Ros, did you have any goals?
My principal aim was to learn and grow inside an International company as Ros.
Did you get there?
Yes. I have learned a lot from my colleagues, and always I am opened for new challenges.

How do you like to see the company in 10 years?
Being the best ones where we are not now. 

How do you combine your work with your personal life?
Very well, the timetable allows me to combine work with personal life, and the people who surrounds me at work as well.
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Kind und Jugend 2013. Ros, a wide collection of cots

Ros Furniture offers a wide collection of cots; originals and practical, with a design that makes them different and unique. 

In Cologne, Ros furniture also presents its successful line Chameleon; surprised its originality and design that goes along with its functionality. Ideal for moms looking for style and simplicity in one furniture

Cot Chamaleon

The flat cot is presented in the fair too. it  combines well in any space. Functional for its size, and elegant in its smooth finish.

Flat Cot

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What is the personality of your wardrobe?

In our new Wardrobe catalogue “Spazio +”, you can customize your wardrobe, with ou doors finishing “PANELS”. We leave the door on three parts.

In this way, thanks to our varied range of finishes, we can achieve the same wardrobe with different styles: Funny, elegant, sober, etc.. You can see more in Spazio +

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Do you sleep alone or share your room with your brother or sister?

Every child is different, and every family is a universe, but many parents experience said that children sleep better when they share a room with their older brothers. But what about the older brother?.

When they enter adolescence, tenneagers give a lot of importance to their own space.

In Ros, we don´t only look at design furniture, quality, functionality, furniture and many other things. We also consider the changes that arise in the growth of children and  we offer different solutions: Bunk beds, train beds, folding beds, endless possibilities to share space and at the same time made the kids feel that they are within their own space. We show a summary of the solutions we can offer: