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Decorating a youth bedroom

It is important that teenagers choose their own bedroom and the accesories. 

It is normal that you and your son don’t like the same furniture or the same tastes about everything. But you have to listen them and reach an agreement. 

Teenagers pass lot of time at their bedroom, and they bring friends at home. For this reason it is important to have a pull out bed, because you don’t need another bedroom if you have guests. 

As they grow up, they use more cosmetic products and decoration. They will need space, so  furniture, shelves or simplement boxes for managing space and save things will be necessary

If you and your son reach an agreement, you will see that it has been a good decision. 

Trends are changing very fast, but if you choose a multifunctional bedroom, you will love it, and after, your son will decorate it at the way he want. 

furniture for kids, ros furniture

Once upon a time a catalog called Ros Mini…

…. aroused parents and babies’ hopes the catalog grew up and became Ros Mini 2 creating more hopes and dreams…. ..One day it asked itself. What will I be when I become Ros Mini 3? Will I create as many illusions as now, or even more? A little voice answered: What is done with dedication, professionalism and enthusiasm always brings results. Ros Mini 2 will soon have an answer, which will be decided by you. Today we remember with this video where the Ros Minis began.

furniture for kids, Young Furniture

You want the best for your children..We want too

Cuna Élite

We know you want the best for your children, we are aware of it, so every day we try our best to improve our products. We give full priority to furniture´s safety and its materials, design and quality.
We offer affordable prices. All for your children´s welfare.
You can see this in our new products such as the cradle “Elite”, very practical for its size and price. The new catalog of Youth Furniture “Kids Up” Bedrooms adaptable for every type of space that you can have at your home. This catalog has a section of children’s furniture for Kids from four years old, as well we show our senior furniture for young people from 18 years old. The new from our fabric for babies by Ros Textil, “Link, and Twitter Cuore” and its innovative system for fixing, the popular RFS, “Ros Fixation System.”