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Convertible cradle means saving money

When our baby has arrived, the illusions grow up every day, but expenses
too. Then it appears a large list of articles that we have to buy, which
we will stop using soon, like a bathtub, a pram, a cradle…
In Furniture Ros, we know how to save money: An example is our convertible cradles; cradles which become beds, an evolution from the baby’s room to the child’s room, all with one furniture, meeting the needs for the first Kid´s 10 -12 years. From the same price like a simple cradle. Our
furniture will be like the first day and this will be a part of your kid. The
convertible cradle will bring you the best result. Believe us,  miracles
exist, and you will find them at Furniture Ros.
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Kid’s room is very important for children´s homework

escritorio juvenil

Decorate a bedroom is very important. A kid who loves his/her bedroom wants to stay there and do activities.

Because this, a bedroom with a good light, light colors, a big table and a good distribution of the furniture will attracts our child to study more quietly. Getting involved with everything that he/she likes.


Photo by Manuel


Also it’s positive that the bedroom has not tv, because this could be a distraction on his/her studies. Also the wall shelves are good for store books, but we may not abuse putting too much selves or furnitures, kids like open bedrooms, remember that they need spaces to play.

Serenity and harmony are very important because the children would have an open mind, awake and ready for study.

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For kids, their bedroom is their world!

Before we buy a bedroom for a kid or a teenager, we have to ask to them first what they want.
Listen first, we will have a budget according to what we can we spend.
For kids, their bedroom is their world. A place to be in harmony with their personality and tastes. As for the price. The decision rests with the parents.

We have therefore to reach a compromise between what they want and what we can afford; a modern and original design with hight quality furniture. Ros Furniture offers a great range of bedrooms. Seek a functional furniture that optimizes the use of space.
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Teenagers chose their bedroom…did you doubt it?

This teenager took the colour of his favorite drink bottle to give his bedroom a personal touch. The orange color gives a youthful touch, and the white a grown-up kick.The carpet and pouf delimit a leisure area. The orange bed platform brings style and space. A simple wardrobe for storage, without distracting from the striking colors. And finally to give the room a very personal style, he choses a desk with two books store and geometric cubes, reminiscent of the game of tetris. 

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Space is at a premium in many homes



This is especially true for people who live in small apartments or large families who live in small homes. If you have ever wondered about these versatile beds, read on to find answers to frequently asked questions about trundle beds.
Trundle Bed Questions:

What is a trundle bed?
Trundle beds are essentially two beds which can be packed into the space that one bed would take up. This doubles the sleeping capacity at night while keeping the space free during the day. Unlike a bunk bed, trundle beds store one of the beds directly under the other that is the height of a standard bed. One of the beds is usually smaller than the other, and the smaller bed is usually on rollers or casters, which makes it easier to move it in and out from underneath the main bed.
Who are trundle beds best for?
Because one needs to be stored under the other, most trundle beds do not feature thick mattresses, and the lower bed will be very close to the flow. This means that they may not be ideal for people with back problems or older people, although they are perfectly suited for children, teens, and overnight guests.
What are trundle beds made from?
Trundle beds can be made of any material that is commonly used to craft a standard bed. The material you choose will depend on your interior decorating scheme and other furniture in the home. Trundle beds can be made out of wood, metals, or cast iron and some are even upholstered.
Why should I buy a trundle bed?
The main reason for buying a trundle bed is to save space. You are getting two beds that can be stored in the same space that one bed would usually occupy. Depending on the style, trundle beds can also be turned into daybeds or chaise lounges in the daytime because the primary bed usually has the feel of a small couch. However, when you require the bed function, you can quickly roll out the second bed. Add your pillows and bedding and you’re ready to sleep. You can even get trundle bed designs that include drawers in which you can store your bedding and pillows when they are not in use.



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New catalog of furniture for babies from Furniture Ros. Be the first to see it.

A delicate environment, where space and harmony is cared, is what you wish for your baby and children´s rooms. Ros Group cares about this environment in its last baby furniture catalogue. An excellent collection of cribs, convertible cribs, dressers, beds, wardrobes and accessories for your babies´ room. 
In this post you have some pictures but you can see the whole catalogue at: Ros Mini 2014

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Small bedrooms? Space solutions

High beds, sofa beds, as well as folding tables are some of the solutions to the problems of space in small rooms.

We explain some tips to solve the problems of space in small rooms.

High beds.
 The objective is to place the bed in a raised position to the minimum height of a bunk, so that the space under it can be used as a study area or playground depending on age.

Sofas beds
 Sofa beds is a practical solution when there is not much space in the bedroom, they are functional and very decorative.

Bunk Beds. A good solution for bedrooms where there are several children. Although there is enough space for two beds, we must not forget the playground and the study area.

Trundle beds. We use this option when the lower bed is used rarely.

Train beds. They are nicer, more comfortable and have more capacity than bunk beds.

Folding bedsThe folding beds are hidden in closets.