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Folding bunk beds: solutions of space


Folding bunk beds have got multiple funicionalities: are high quality furniture and secure. Folding bunk beds are proved and manufactured by security certificates.
Folding beds have always been interessants for put it in reduced spaces and to take advantage of our bedroom space.
They are comfortable furniture, because of their funcionality: we can fold them every time we want.
Therefore, our bedroom adopt multiple funcionalities: bedroom, living room or an office.
But funcionality increases when appears folding bunk bed, because we can take advantage of the space for two people: ideal, magnific and versatile.
Bedroom won’t be a problem for introduce bunk bed: easy and comfortable, because at Furniture Ros we think about you.
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Folding beds, space solutions

Do you have little space in your bedroom? Do you wish to take out the bed and gain space?
At Furniture Ros we create solutions of space, and one of it is the folding bed.
You can sleep on it, and have more space in your bedroom during the day. Our folding
beds have storage, so you can save the bed and you can use it for wardrobe.
It’s a good idea to have a youth, modern and dynamic bedroom. It will be unique and with a
spectacular design.
Do not hesitate, if you have little space, Ros folding bed is your solution



Folding beds, furniture ros

New folding beds from Furniture Ros

Increasingly popular, perhaps because houses and floors are build smaller these days, or because the designs and mechanisms of folding beds are becoming more advanced and effective.
This is the case of the latest folding beds collection of furniture Ros . We have improved the whole structure. Incorporate new braking system; very smooth opening and closing.
New rings for safe and optimum support of the mattress. And the new collection is available in all widths and sizes.Our folding beds offer you options and solutions to make the most of the room and help us to sleep, and also for our Kids to have space for playing and doing homework.
Folding beds, with tables, shelves and bookcases. The possible combinations are extensive. I am better to show you the pictures and judge yourself :


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New Catalogue of furniture for young people. Kids Touch.

We got what you were waiting for, the new catalogue from Furniture Ros, “Kids Touch”:  compacts beds and trundle beds, bunk beds, folding beds and oficces.
edrooms with large storage capacity. Desks and wardrobes which we can personalized and customized, depending on the client´s needs.

The best way to see it is watching this video:


bunk bed, Folding and Bunk bed, Folding beds, furniture, small bedrooms, solutions

Small bedrooms? Space solutions

High beds, sofa beds, as well as folding tables are some of the solutions to the problems of space in small rooms.

We explain some tips to solve the problems of space in small rooms.

High beds.
 The objective is to place the bed in a raised position to the minimum height of a bunk, so that the space under it can be used as a study area or playground depending on age.

Sofas beds
 Sofa beds is a practical solution when there is not much space in the bedroom, they are functional and very decorative.

Bunk Beds. A good solution for bedrooms where there are several children. Although there is enough space for two beds, we must not forget the playground and the study area.

Trundle beds. We use this option when the lower bed is used rarely.

Train beds. They are nicer, more comfortable and have more capacity than bunk beds.

Folding bedsThe folding beds are hidden in closets.

Folding beds

Folding beds! unbeatable Beds!

Looking for an original and practical design?

Problems of space? And looking for an original and practical design? Do you know the new Ros Furniture folding beds? They are unbeatable

Folding beds

3rd Zaragoza Furniture Exhibition. Folding beds

Folding beds built in wardrobes with sliding doors and desks. We have the composition where the folding bed comes with wardrobe, sliding door and desktop. what can you do to get more space?

Folding beds designed to save and solve problems of space, a functional and modern design for your furniture.

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