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The clothes hamper will not be a problem

Fuente: Bruguer
Sometimes we want a clothes hamper for our bedroom, because we have clothes laying around. 
This will not be a problem, because we want to tell you a DIY for doing a clothes hamper
It’s easy to do: transform a metal cube to a clothes hamper. Let’s begin!
We need an spray, you can choose your favourite color. For decorating we will need stickers(different forms and colours). 
First, we have to take out all things that doesn’t like us, like loops. 
You have to paste the stickers on the cube (put them as you want). 
After, we have to cover with paper, carton or plastic the space on we want to paint
Begin to paint with the spray on the cube and after dry. (You will have to do two coats of paint). Take out the stickers and finish! 
You already have a clothes hamper done and decorated with yourself. 
Do you like it?
Idea: Bruguer
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Bedroom colors for 2016



Every year, trends are set. Every year trends surprise us with new looks, that impact or like us. Also, these looks change our minds and becomes important or likless to us, so we began to do things like tendency.For this reason, we want to share you all new colors for bedrooms tendencies for 2016. We know certenly that this year natural colors are the best.

If you wish a bedroom with a decadent look and combining older and modern styles, you have to choose green and turquoise gamma colors, like this Ros bedroom.

Also, beige, brown-greeen and blue are the most famous colors of cromatic tendance for 2016. As well,light pink is one of the most used on bedrooms this 2016.

So, do you want this look for your bedroom? colors that brings life and create sensations on us.


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Decorating your bedroom


Sometimes decorating bedroom is a problem: we
don’t know what we can make on the walls for getting a better decoration, but exists a fast, economic and modern solution for
decorating bedrooms: vinyl’s.
Vinyl’s are a special decorating system, and
exists lots of designs that you can put on your bedroom.
For baby’s bedroom you can make a serigraphy on
the cot, on the changer or on the wardrobe.
Also you can put vinyl’s on the wall and let kids participate on the election: they will enjoy it and they will
like their bedroom.