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Sleep with parents: good or bad practise?

Some studies recommend the co-sleeping and say that is a practice that brings
benefits to kids.
Other studies said that kids needed their own space, and parents have to locate
babies in the family.
Sleep with parents has benefits and disadvantages, and every family have to assess it.
Sleep with parents has some benefits like the quick actuation if they listens baby in
crisis, improve baby’s emotions because he feels accompanied. And finally it’s
easier to breastfeed baby.
There are some disadvantages on sleeping with babies, like the worst rest of parents, the
slowest baby evolution and the loss of privacy for the couple.
Definitely, family have to delivery what is want for the baby and how is the best way to
get it. All options are good. 
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CoSleeping. Sharing Sleep With Your Newborn

Sleeping with your baby is the most natural and wonderful thing to do. Yes it may put off the transition to his own bed but I assure you it’ll happen way before he is 8. There is as much research that a child is less likely to have SIDS when sleeping with Mom. Make sure your blanket and pillows are away from your son. Babies don’t need pillows and you might have to sacrifice your blanket but it’s worth it. Your baby was inside of you, cozy, protected, warm and with the sound of your heartbeat for 9 months. Doesn’t it make sense he would sleep better next to your warmth, your smell, your heartbeat? There is research that shows both baby and Mother sleep better together,connected physiologically they fall into the same breathing patterns. As far as letting your baby cry – why is it ok to teach a 2 week old about loneliness? Babies cry to communicate, why teach your baby that when he cries, no one will be there for him? Enjoy your baby try to follow his lead and follow your heart.

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