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Drawers on a compact bed


Sometimes we think about how to manage the space on our room. One of the best solutions is buying a compact bed with drawers, because we will have a compact bed and storage at the same furniture.We save space: unintentionally we not buy a buck.

It’s modern: our bedroom have got a juvenile and a modern aspect.Is comfort: we could save lot of things, because drawers are wide and allows us to use them. 

In adittion, we could choose the favourite color, the handle and the bed model: with drawers, with drawers and a pull out bed… ¿Do you like it?

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Compacts Beds. The Queen of the Children´s rooms

The bed is the most important furniture in the children’s room.
Of course it must be comfortable, cozy and safe. 
You may be tempting to buy a large item that catches your attention, but furniture today are specifically designed to maximize space.
The design is also important and it has to come with a good functionality and a strong safety system.

We have all kinds of compact beds in the new catalog from Ros Furniture, full of variations, you can choose colour, model and measure.These beds are ideal for children, young and not so young.
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New trundle beds from Ros furniture

Young and original , beds with a large capacity storage beds bedrooms.

The trundle beds are compact beds that are kept under a traditional bed and use when you need to use .

Each design fits the style of a room. You can match the color of the bed with the desktop to create harmony. All with our new line of finishes “Touch”; original, pop , suggestive, it is the result of extensive research on the latest trends in the world market of furniture for young people.

Desks and wardrobes are personalized and customized.

With large space to store all that you want.

These designs have gained popularity. Our designs are more functional , but also decorative.

The solution space for rooms,  compact beds with large capacity storage.