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Backpacks: backaches that can be avoided

Our children grow up and begin to go to school, so they have to carry books and notebooks for their studies. 
Is very important to know that children should not abuse of weigh at their back. For this reason, we want to offer you some tips to help children to carry the backpack and the correct manipulation of it. 
Kids don’t have to carry more than the 10% of their total weight. At the same time, carry the backpack with the two shoulders is better than carrying all the weight with one shoulder. Even it looks like better, at future they will have back hurts. 
For providing the weight, is better put the high objects at the back part, and the light objects in front. 
Another tip is pick up backpack from a table. It avoid bending and carry all the weigh suddenly. 
Sit up well, sleep well and maintaining the proper posture are very important for kids, because their back needs healthy habits: position at bed, at chair and walking position. 
For this reason, we have to adquire quality matresses and beds and educate children with properly positions. 
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How should be my baby’s bedroom?

When the baby has born, all parents are questioned: for the position of the crib, for themattress and of course for the baby.
The first  time, we are very worried about everything because we wish that the baby’s sleep be with comfort and with a good position into the crib.
For this reason, we want to give you some advices for all this important aspects that
sometimes are not allowing us to relax.
Remember that ventilation, light, sounds and temperature are very important factors for your baby.
It is recommended putting baby to bed to sleep on their backs or sides,  and most especially have got a crib with security certificates, like Ros cribs.
In addition, the ventilation of the baby bedroom should be perfect, preferable with natural
light and not exposed to external noises (if it’s possible).
The best temperature for prevent drying of the bedroom is 20º. 


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Sleep with parents: good or bad practise?

Some studies recommend the co-sleeping and say that is a practice that brings
benefits to kids.
Other studies said that kids needed their own space, and parents have to locate
babies in the family.
Sleep with parents has benefits and disadvantages, and every family have to assess it.
Sleep with parents has some benefits like the quick actuation if they listens baby in
crisis, improve baby’s emotions because he feels accompanied. And finally it’s
easier to breastfeed baby.
There are some disadvantages on sleeping with babies, like the worst rest of parents, the
slowest baby evolution and the loss of privacy for the couple.
Definitely, family have to delivery what is want for the baby and how is the best way to
get it. All options are good. 
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Child activities in autumn

Autumn and children are very good friends, this season gives us new colours: orange, ocher, brown and green. They discover fruits and traditions to celebrate.
In this post I will give you some original ideas to share your free time with the kids.
If the weather is good, autumn is ideal for your children to discover nature. Walking through a forest can become an adventure tale. Children love to imagine fantasy worlds running and playing with fallen leaves.
If the day comes too cold or rainy, do not worry, we also have proposals to enjoy at home and keep children spend the day in front of the television.
Start the afternoon with an artistic activity; choose autumnal drawings and print, after that let your kids color them as they like. If your kids are more creative there are also plenty of crafts with leaves, twigs and other materials.
If they prefer sweet things, you can share a few hours preparing a delicious and fun snack.
A fairy tales afternoon? Let them choose which ones they like, comment, ask and let their imagination.


Enjoy this games and educational activities to spend with family during the coming months.