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Bassinet, Where Should My Baby Sleep?

Where Should My Baby Sleep?

We are new parents and we have a sea of questions, including where will our baby sleep the first months? in a cot, crib, bassinet, co-sleeping?. At the end the decision is your. It is okay to seek advice  but a lot of information can made things get messy. A very wise choice for the first months is a bassinet.

It has a small size, so you can move it anywhere, facilitating breastfeeding and it can be situate near to the parents’ bed. Moreover, it is the best way to transition from the womb to the cradle. 

But, Until what age is recommended that our baby sleep in a bassinet? With the main premise of child safety, experts advise that the baby sleep in a bassinet from birth to six months of age.

Do not extend the period beyond six months as their mobility is becoming much greater, also increasing the risk of a possible fall from the bassinet.
You can see in the photo that one of our bassinet
 becomes table too

Some tips to keep in mind when choosing the bassinet for babies are:

The edges should be high, at least 27.5 cm.

The sides and the inside  should be padded.
The bottom should be flat and firm to hold their body well.
Bassinet clothes should be removable and washable.
The wheels are useful to move the cribs, but keep in mind you have a blockage sytem.
The mattress is one of the fundamental parts, the mattress should be breathable and firm, allowing proper rest o the newborn.

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For how long the bassinet?

For how long the bassinet?

The bassinet can be used until the childddoes not have enough space, usually its use is limited to the third or fourth month of the baby.
Today is recommended that babies stay in the  parents room for longer, up to 4 or 5 months., and be close to the mother, so breastfeeding becomes easier overnight.

These are recommendations
that every family should assess whether the behavior is right for them. There are parents who can not sleep because they are very aware of the baby, in which case it is recommended to pass the baby to his room before the time mentioned.


The cots can also be used from the start or pass the baby when you have outgrown the bassinet. Usually this happens around the third or fourth month, depending on the size of the baby and bassinet.