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What all first-time mother should know

This precious moment has arrived, you are pregnant for the first time. You
feel ilusion, happiness and very eager to have the baby in your arms.
But you have lot of doubts, like all first-time pregnants. Yes, all
pregnants feel frightened about symptoms: what they mean? We want the best for
you, and it will be the best.
We want to explain you all the symptoms and what they are saying to you.
The first weeks you will feel tired and with little energy. They are he
most common signs.
The increase of the hormones, cause swelling during the firsts weeks of
gestation. Also, the imbalances in your body will lead to slowdown of your
intestine transit, this might lead constipation.
Your sensibility toward smells will increase. You will refuse some smells
or aliments.
For knowing more symptoms you should contact to your doctor. You can ask to
your friends or parents that know about this theme for helping you.

But take time to settle down,it will be great!

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Reduce crying on the nursery

Our kid grows up and it’s time to go to the nursery. The first day is normal that baby
begin to cry. We want the best for our kids: meet new friends, enjoy the time
on the nursery.
But to avoid crying every day, there exists some advices that will help him lot of
things like: is a good place, and he or she should not to cry because mum and
dad will go for him later
For example, we have to tell him the reason because is there, what he will do and with who. 
We have to familiarize him to the nursery and with other babies. Also, is good
entry with him at the nursery the first time.
We keep in mind that go to the nursery is good for babies: they develops the apprenticeship
with affective and mentally games and activities. 
All these activities will influence on the autonomy of the babies and they will explore their around, meeting new friends.

So, let’s start on the nursery school?

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Bedrooms for babies

There are parents that wish not to know the sex of their baby until the birth, but they
have to buy a bedroom. 
It does not serve blue for boys and pink for girls, so
we want a bedroom that is the same for two sexes.
Nowadays there are lot of colours, so we can bring to our baby the best
bedroom ever.
We can use white colours that give us a feeling of purity, sweetness and peace. Brown colors
are used too. They are modern and gentle. Blue colors are infantile and
With the cribmodels we don’t have any problem: all of them are used for a baby bedroom.
Only we have to choose the colour.
Here’s theinfantile catalog: you can look at it and choose the bedroom you like more.


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Slider sofa convertible crib, a very functional crib

Is really important look at details when we want to buy our baby bedroom.
At Furniture Ros we want a baby bedroom custom-made for parents and for babies. Bedrooms with functionality, quality and design.
The slidersofa convertible crib is a special furniture because it satisfies all the requirements that one father wishes for his baby: a cot for a 140×40 mattress
with a changing mat and two drawers. But this not finishes here, at the bottom of furniture, there is a pull out bed and two more drawers.
Is perfect: functionality in purest state. Perfect for storing things at any drawer or at one of the shelves on the lateral.
You can choose the color. When the baby will grow up, the crib will grow up with him/her:
it will become a bed for a 190×90 mattress with a pull out bed and two drawers
below, to a bedside table, a desk and a book. A complete bedroom for 18 years
old approximately,
We want the best for you and for your baby. We want to give you options because we want the
perfect, functional and ideal furniture for you
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Remedies for when babies remove bed cover

All parents know that crib is where babies pass more time from they are born.
Cribs should be secure and made of quality furniture, and for this reason, we should know what we are buying and if the product meets our needs.
Ros manufactures quality products, with security certificates that provide us
specific characteristics for be the bests.
But, when we have got the crib, some tips to make your child comfortable are always optimally.
For example: what we can do because baby do not remove the bed cover?
An example is dress him a one-piece sleeper. With this clothe, baby should not feel cold. 
Another option is having a sleeping bag. It is further important the bedroom temperature, it must be good for you and for the baby. When the baby has grown
up, they will cover and uncover depending if he or she has got cold or heat.
Ros Textile has complements like duvets, bedcovers, cushions, sheets… that will not leave you indifferent. Also of the different designs, most of the textile complements
are removable. Are secure complements where your baby will feel comfortable and
where he or she will sleep perfectly: the perfect solution.
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How should be my baby’s bedroom?

When the baby has born, all parents are questioned: for the position of the crib, for themattress and of course for the baby.
The first  time, we are very worried about everything because we wish that the baby’s sleep be with comfort and with a good position into the crib.
For this reason, we want to give you some advices for all this important aspects that
sometimes are not allowing us to relax.
Remember that ventilation, light, sounds and temperature are very important factors for your baby.
It is recommended putting baby to bed to sleep on their backs or sides,  and most especially have got a crib with security certificates, like Ros cribs.
In addition, the ventilation of the baby bedroom should be perfect, preferable with natural
light and not exposed to external noises (if it’s possible).
The best temperature for prevent drying of the bedroom is 20º. 


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I’m pregnant, what can I eat?

When you are pregnant, you feel very excited and at the same time questioned, because you want the best for your baby and your gestation. So, until time passed, and we began to know all changes of our body, we have to know what we can eat and what we can’t.According to studies concluded by doctors, pregnants should not eat soft cheeses, some types of fish, raw meat, and of course, shouldn’t drink alcohol. Doctors don’t reccomend drink coffee.

Furthermore, essential nutrients for pregnant womens are: irone, calcium, vitamines and fatty acids. Doctors recommended drink two liters of water everyday because you can evit constipation.

Therefore some food for any pregnant women are: fruits and vegetables, that helps your baby’s membranes construction. Animal fats, because they contain Vitamine A and helps baby’s visual system. Fatty acids: like salmon or sardines. Pregnant womens should eat animal proteins like meat, fish or eggs, because they help embryo’s growth. Calcium, vitamines and ferment carbohydrates are important too.

That’s all! so if you have got a good nutrition, you do exercise everyday and you feel relaxed, you will enjoy gestation!

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My first year on the world


Years pass quicly, and our baby celebrate one year at home. It seems yesterday when we hear his crying, or we caress his sensible skin.
But time pasts, and had passed one year with our baby at home. First sensations, first emotions…and why not celebrate it?
Although our baby don’t notice this event, this is a very important day for us, so we have to celebrate it!
We can invite our family and friends, do a cake and preparate some food for celebrating this special day.
The baby will feel loved and will be the center of attention, and even if he will not remember this special event, always will have photos, and this little candle that will blow all toghether for wishing our baby to be happy. 
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How long has to sleep a baby?

When our baby has born,to achieve that he(she) sleeps during the whole night is an
important event that we all wish to happen.
Parents usually have lots of questions, more when the baby is recently born or they are
first time parents. 
The first and the most important question is how many ours the baby have to sleep. Every baby is different, so
their sleep is different about other babies. Don’t worry about it, we want to
give you some instructions about the sleep of your baby.
A newborn child usually sleeps about 16 or 20 hours, they don’t distinguish the day of
the night, and when wake up, usually they are hungry .
With three weeks of life, babies sleep about 16 or 18 hours. With six weeks, 15 or 16
hours and they will reduce his sleep hours until arriving at nine months, when
they sleep 10 or 11 hours.
As the babygrows up, they do nap during one or two hours. For this reason with 18 months
our baby will sleep until 13 hours, plus two naps. With three years, will sleep
10 or 11 hours, and will do a nap of two more hours.
 Our childwill need rest to have energy, so they will have to sleep the necessary hours.
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Convertible crib for twins, the best solution


At FurnitureRos we work for give solutions. For this reason, we also think about parents who have twins.
Convertiblecrib for twins is especially ideal because your kids could sleep at the same furniture and grow up with the same bedroom.
Convertiblecrib for twins “Duo” have got two cribs, one wardrobe, shaves and textile complements.
Their conversions are ideal, yes, conversions, because the convertible crib for twins
have got two types of conversion: to two beds of 190×90 or one bunk bed with
two beds of 190×90.