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Aureli Hervas

Aureli Hervas

Meet Aureli Hervas

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Today we introduce you Aureli Hervas. He is 50 years old and he works in The Production Department as a Plant Manager, he has been working for Ros for 8 years, He tells us about his role in the company:

“My main role is to coordinate teams and workflows.”.

Tell us about your department´s Objectives and challenges:

“ Optimize human and material resources.”

What is the day to day in the company?

“Make a daily study of the situation of the factory. Monitoring projects with other departments.”

When did you start working for Ros, did you have any goals?.

“I have always been linked to the world of production. There is a period of observation, another of identification and finally one of execution, within the knowledge of the processes in Ros. It was important to identify improvements, on the other hand, the factory is always innovating, new modeling approaches, new markets, constant changes.”

Did you get there?

The objectives of both human and material meet short-term, projects for long term we must wait.

How do you like to see the company in 10 years?.

“I would like to see a clairvoyant manufactures, where the parts´ traceability were the best of the factory. We have to make it easier for people.”

How do you combine your work with your personal life?.

“The ability to combine work with private life is given by the sum of experience and teamwork.”