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February 2016

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My first year on the world


Years pass quicly, and our baby celebrate one year at home. It seems yesterday when we hear his crying, or we caress his sensible skin.
But time pasts, and had passed one year with our baby at home. First sensations, first emotions…and why not celebrate it?
Although our baby don’t notice this event, this is a very important day for us, so we have to celebrate it!
We can invite our family and friends, do a cake and preparate some food for celebrating this special day.
The baby will feel loved and will be the center of attention, and even if he will not remember this special event, always will have photos, and this little candle that will blow all toghether for wishing our baby to be happy. 
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Waking up at midnight

Kids need to rest, and sleeping bring them energy and vitality.
Lots of kids woke up at midnight, and this concern parents. In several occasions our
son wants us sleep with us. It is a problem, because their associate
sleeps with parents.
For obtain best rest of our kids, we give you some advices like:
Have dark bedroom at night should be ideally. and with a 17 or 20º of temperature. 
Also we must avoid physical activity before bedtime, because kids will be nervous and will not sleep.
The best way before put them in bed, is shower them, they will be relaxed and will
conciliate sleep quickly.
It’s important to make sure that children don’t eat a lot before bedtime, because
they will have a difficult digest.
We must have to avoid television time or let them using technology after 8 p.m because
it stimulate them.
We should respect kids when they want a baby doll for sleep, because it helps them feeling more secure.
If our kid has got several sleep disorder, we should go to a pediatrician.
Therefore, we encourage all to keep on these techniques, and make sure that kids can sleep
through the night. 
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Manufacturing emotions

That necessity arises one day and inspires you to prove, generate or change all the
things that one day begin to do without thinking.
At Furniture Ros inspiration took us to manufacture convertible cribs. We had a
necessity to give parents all they want: A versatile, design and with unique characteristics
Our convertible cribs adapt to different ages and necessities of your child. From
crib to bed, with a desk and a bedside table included on the evolution.
But that inspiration turned on new emotions, sensations and illusion, and transformed to
an ideal product. Could this furniture be better?
Design is spectacular: convertible cribs with colors, sensations and forms that allow us to create a
perfect ambient where our son will feel good since he or she arrived until he
or she grow up.
You could change room’s decoration and you will get a different bedroom using the same
Convertible crib Ros allows you to do an inversion. Is a secure, accessible and creative product.
Also, at Furniture Ros we create space solutions, doing the needs of our clients, our
needs. Moreover, we manufacture just in time.
We do your kids sleep our sleep, making requirement, our inspiration.


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Bedroom colors for 2016



Every year, trends are set. Every year trends surprise us with new looks, that impact or like us. Also, these looks change our minds and becomes important or likless to us, so we began to do things like tendency.For this reason, we want to share you all new colors for bedrooms tendencies for 2016. We know certenly that this year natural colors are the best.

If you wish a bedroom with a decadent look and combining older and modern styles, you have to choose green and turquoise gamma colors, like this Ros bedroom.

Also, beige, brown-greeen and blue are the most famous colors of cromatic tendance for 2016. As well,light pink is one of the most used on bedrooms this 2016.

So, do you want this look for your bedroom? colors that brings life and create sensations on us.


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Mum, dad, I want to play


When kids are young, they want to enjoy the time, and the best way is enjoy playing with his parents.For this reason, we want to give you many tips for enjoy the time with your kids.

Learning how to take a bike with him is a very important day for him and for you, because he will feel happy, and you too.

Another activitie is do manualities with him or her at home, like making targets for family, wrinting, drawing or making clay figuresr. They will enjoy this activities with his parents.

Other possibilities for enjoying time with your kids are very easy: making a picnic at countryside. When you are there, you can play with a ball, play hide or tell him something special.

Play with our kids is very important for us, because when they will be older, they will remember about good vibes with their parents at past.


special days

Valentine’s day: a special day to give a sweet present
This sunday will be Valentine’s day, and we are thinking about what we can give to our couple.
Give a present is nice, but also we can do a cupcake with heart form inside: a romantic and sweet action.
Also we can do these cupcakes with our kids, they will enjoy making them and eating them. We will unite our loves this special day, and they will be happy.
Spectacular and easy doing cupcakes, sure, it will like everybody.
Look this video, you will make a sweet and exquisite present:
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Folding bunk beds: solutions of space


Folding bunk beds have got multiple funicionalities: are high quality furniture and secure. Folding bunk beds are proved and manufactured by security certificates.
Folding beds have always been interessants for put it in reduced spaces and to take advantage of our bedroom space.
They are comfortable furniture, because of their funcionality: we can fold them every time we want.
Therefore, our bedroom adopt multiple funcionalities: bedroom, living room or an office.
But funcionality increases when appears folding bunk bed, because we can take advantage of the space for two people: ideal, magnific and versatile.
Bedroom won’t be a problem for introduce bunk bed: easy and comfortable, because at Furniture Ros we think about you.
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Compact bed with drag bed, a space solution


Often, kids bedrooms have got a compact bed: sometimes with drawers, sometimes with a drag bed and finally, with all together.At Furniture Ros we believe that furniture has to give you space solutions, and for this reason, we have got variety of compact beds.

A drag bed allows to take advantage of bedroom space, and when a friend visit us, We can offer him a bed without problems.

We manufacture compact beds with multiple utilities: drawers, drag beds or all together. We think about the space of your bedrooms, for this reason we spend time thinking about how our furniture can help you,

For this reason, we invite you to look our kids collection, sure it will like you

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Decorating your bedroom


Sometimes decorating bedroom is a problem: we
don’t know what we can make on the walls for getting a better decoration, but exists a fast, economic and modern solution for
decorating bedrooms: vinyl’s.
Vinyl’s are a special decorating system, and
exists lots of designs that you can put on your bedroom.
For baby’s bedroom you can make a serigraphy on
the cot, on the changer or on the wardrobe.
Also you can put vinyl’s on the wall and let kids participate on the election: they will enjoy it and they will
like their bedroom.