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January 2016

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How long has to sleep a baby?

When our baby has born,to achieve that he(she) sleeps during the whole night is an
important event that we all wish to happen.
Parents usually have lots of questions, more when the baby is recently born or they are
first time parents. 
The first and the most important question is how many ours the baby have to sleep. Every baby is different, so
their sleep is different about other babies. Don’t worry about it, we want to
give you some instructions about the sleep of your baby.
A newborn child usually sleeps about 16 or 20 hours, they don’t distinguish the day of
the night, and when wake up, usually they are hungry .
With three weeks of life, babies sleep about 16 or 18 hours. With six weeks, 15 or 16
hours and they will reduce his sleep hours until arriving at nine months, when
they sleep 10 or 11 hours.
As the babygrows up, they do nap during one or two hours. For this reason with 18 months
our baby will sleep until 13 hours, plus two naps. With three years, will sleep
10 or 11 hours, and will do a nap of two more hours.
 Our childwill need rest to have energy, so they will have to sleep the necessary hours.
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Quality certificates that define us


One of Furniture Ros most important achievements are the numerous certificates and awards received by our company
and products, for the quality and for our commitment to the environment.
Certifications awarded by prestigious European organizations such as the FCBA, TÜV,
AIDIMA, we also have been awarded with the eco-label, the Premi Cambra
al’Indústria al’Empresa 
For this reason, we guarantee to make use of our products, because are manufactured with
a quality material: melamine. Another reason for taking use of Ros products are
the certifications, and because our products are thank and designed for you: our clients.
Highquality products: convertible cribs with AIDIMA certificate.
Folding beds manufactured by CENFIM accreditation, tried more of 10.000 times.

Don’t hesitate, Ros is quality, design and security


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Convertible crib for twins, the best solution


At FurnitureRos we work for give solutions. For this reason, we also think about parents who have twins.
Convertiblecrib for twins is especially ideal because your kids could sleep at the same furniture and grow up with the same bedroom.
Convertiblecrib for twins “Duo” have got two cribs, one wardrobe, shaves and textile complements.
Their conversions are ideal, yes, conversions, because the convertible crib for twins
have got two types of conversion: to two beds of 190×90 or one bunk bed with
two beds of 190×90.
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Details that will make mom happy

At Furniture Ros we work for being possible baby’s comfort. For this reason we
design textile baby room.
We have some
textile products that will like at the mother that will have a baby. Products
like basket perfumes: a good product, tender and unique that you can full of
perfumes and crèmes for baby. Basket perfumes exist with some models: 
products are manufactured 100%cotton, and we have some models and measures.
option is a lamp for baby’s bedroom or a set of cushions. What you like, only
for making a present to the baby that you will love a lot. 
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Alternatives to punishment

Kids need years for developing empathy. They need years to understand what is good and what not. In concrete, kids need seven years for developing their personal attitudes.Parents have explored some time a bad attitude of his son, and then he punished him. When we are angry, we punish our son within resentment.

Is good to apologize them if we made a mistake, we have to explain to our kids what is then done bad.

If we recreate something bad for them, they will pay attention to us, because they will be conditioned for frightening.

So, kids need an education day by day. In this way, every family will use what is better for them.

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Sleep with parents: good or bad practise?

Some studies recommend the co-sleeping and say that is a practice that brings
benefits to kids.
Other studies said that kids needed their own space, and parents have to locate
babies in the family.
Sleep with parents has benefits and disadvantages, and every family have to assess it.
Sleep with parents has some benefits like the quick actuation if they listens baby in
crisis, improve baby’s emotions because he feels accompanied. And finally it’s
easier to breastfeed baby.
There are some disadvantages on sleeping with babies, like the worst rest of parents, the
slowest baby evolution and the loss of privacy for the couple.
Definitely, family have to delivery what is want for the baby and how is the best way to
get it. All options are good.