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December 2015

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Personalize your baby’s crib


Kid’sbedroom is very important. Before their birth, we had decided the bedroom’s
colour, furniture and decoration…but we would like more personalize.
At furniture Ros we could give you some solutions. One of them is a serigraphy on
the crib, so you can personalize it. It would be his and yours crib.
Personalize furniture is something grateful and nice, so you can choose the type of serigraphy
and there will be perfect. 
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Textile Ros, the best quality

Your baby’s
is a universe full of life. Every detail is very important and
everything defines where would you like to see grow up your kids.
Create this space is personal, and begins for the purest and most essential: the quality of
the cotton.
Ros bed sheet is manufactured by the best quality of cotton. Baby’s skin wants the most
delicate and suavity cotton, so we guarantee that every textile product of Ros
satisfies the best requirements of quality.
 Sheet set is available in all sizes: for 60 x 120 70×140 and for 80×130 crib.
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Textil Ros, la mejor calidad

La habitación de tu bebé es un universo lleno de vida, cada
detalle es importante y todo lo que escogemos define el entorno en el que
deseamos ver crecer a nuestros hij@s, un modo de ser, de vivir, de soñar. 
este espacio tan personal, tan íntimo, empieza por lo más puro y fundamental:
la calidad del algodón que mecerá su piel día a día.
La sábana de Ros Textil está fabricada con algodón de máxima
calidad, siguiendo un riguroso y exhaustivo proceso de selección. Conscientes
de la delicadeza y la suavidad que merece la piel del bebé, garantizamos que
los tejidos y los acabados de nuestro juego de sábanas cumplen con los más
altos requisitos de calidad.
El juego de sábanas está disponible en todos los tamaños:
para minicuna, cuna de 60 x 120, cuna de 70×140 y de 80×130.
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Crafts with your kids


Christmas time has arrived and illusion for kids too.
Everyone wants to decorate home. Children want to made Christmas tree and write a letter
to Santa Claus.
Then is when parents pass more time with their children, making Christmas things
during holidays.
At furniture Ros we show you crafts to do with your kids.
For example, saving the rolls of the toilet paper you can made a Christmas tree
with your kids.

This tree is made of buttons and it’s easy to do. You can pass a rope into the buttons

from the biggest to the smallest. In the base, you could put brown bottoms to
simulate the trunk, and your kids will love it!  
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When our kids grow up they begin a “difficult” time.
Lots of times, the word teenager means “help”, and we don’t find an explication for
the conducts of our children.
Sometimes we only look at the conflicting attitudes developed at this age, and then we
react with fear.
Every kid learns walking with risk of falling, and therefore hurt learning, like teens.
This is an age that kids love their friends. Teens discover that words of their
parents are obsolete and they love “carpe diem” of his friends.
But don’t worry and be a good educator. Patience is the best weapon, but you have to
delimit the limits. To counteract you have to bring them autonomy because they
grow up and bring us trustfulness.

Little by little, we see that is a good stage for our teens and we like to see them grow up. 


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Folding beds, space solutions

Do you have little space in your bedroom? Do you wish to take out the bed and gain space?
At Furniture Ros we create solutions of space, and one of it is the folding bed.
You can sleep on it, and have more space in your bedroom during the day. Our folding
beds have storage, so you can save the bed and you can use it for wardrobe.
It’s a good idea to have a youth, modern and dynamic bedroom. It will be unique and with a
spectacular design.
Do not hesitate, if you have little space, Ros folding bed is your solution



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Convertible crib: confort and security


When your baby comes home needs a confortable crib where tales are transformed into dreams and yours lullabies into sweet kisses. 

Furniture Ros is specialize in the manufacture children furniture. We have a catalog filled with cribs of high quality and incredible design. Everyone with quality and security certifications to ensure the current and future of your child. Convertible cribs are a confortable, beautiful, and modern products, but the most important thing is that convertible crib is the best option for your pocket: it is a crib that becomes to a perfect bed with auxiliar furnitures. 

This perfect bedroom can be used from 3 years to 18 years old 

Because your son’s dreams is our dream, because Furniture Ros grow up with your child