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October 2015

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Furniture Ros wardrobes, space and design at the same time

At the last post we gave you some ideas for change summer clothes to winter clothes. 
Now we show you Furniture Ros wardrobes: they will be the perfect allied:  practice, originals, resistants, recyclable and modern for all the family. 
In Furniture Ros we have babies wardrobes, junior wardrobes,and for mommy and daddy. 
Enter and check our products. You will find the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle. Space solutions, a good design, organisation and price. 
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It’s time to change clothes of the wardrobe


First we have to collect the room because we will work better.
If we would like to do it perfectly, we have to remove all the clothes of the wardrobe and clean it.
Second, decide what clothes you will want for next year and what you have to donate or sell. 
Also there are clothes for using  all seasons, so you can leave them at the same place. 
Next year you would like to found clothes in good conditions, so wash and put them into boxes. Finally, name the boxes.
Now backwards, collect winter clothes and select for cleaning and organising in the wardrobe.
So, have drawers, shelves and rail on the wardrobe is the best way to have everything keep it optimally. 

So let’s go!

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Child activities in autumn

Autumn and children are very good friends, this season gives us new colours: orange, ocher, brown and green. They discover fruits and traditions to celebrate.
In this post I will give you some original ideas to share your free time with the kids.
If the weather is good, autumn is ideal for your children to discover nature. Walking through a forest can become an adventure tale. Children love to imagine fantasy worlds running and playing with fallen leaves.
If the day comes too cold or rainy, do not worry, we also have proposals to enjoy at home and keep children spend the day in front of the television.
Start the afternoon with an artistic activity; choose autumnal drawings and print, after that let your kids color them as they like. If your kids are more creative there are also plenty of crafts with leaves, twigs and other materials.
If they prefer sweet things, you can share a few hours preparing a delicious and fun snack.
A fairy tales afternoon? Let them choose which ones they like, comment, ask and let their imagination.


Enjoy this games and educational activities to spend with family during the coming months.
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Crib to bed

The cradle is the place where our baby will pass more hours after his birth. 

The cradle have to be perfect: it should have a good mattress and should fit well to avoid shocks and it should be made of natural and quality material, like wood. This material is warmer and makes a welcoming feeling. 

But one day our baby have to go to the bed and it’s a very important moment for him and his parents.
It doesn’t exist a precise moment to change the bed because every person answers different on his necessities. We don’t have to change the crib when we recently have another brother or sister, because our baby has got an change and it’s very important yet. Even if our baby has got an older brother or sister, the change is better because he will want to copy his brother.

How we can do it easier?

We can let him sleep on the cradle and do nap in bed. We can explain him the reasons of the change. We can put the bed at the same place like the cot and reuse a blanket or sheet that is familiar to our baby
But one of the best solutions is buy a convertible crib. The parents can save the crib and the baby feels more acquainted. 
The furniture is the same like the past and it’s possible that our baby can remember the colour of the furniture or some feature that reminds him where he slept.
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How can the parents create self-esteem?

Self-esteem is seen as an evaluative sense of ourselves. this feeling begins to develop from the 5 and 6 years, which is when we begin to appreciate how sees us older people.

From this age, children begin to have good or bad self-esteem. The good self- esteem is detected when the child or the child is competent with his things, either the school or just any problem that may happen. In addition, he like to study and if he have got a qüestion he ask for help.

In contrast, a child with low self-esteem does not trust himself. Usually is a shy person, uncreative and sometimes can develop bad attitude.


Photo from Kiran Foster

So parents can help develop good self-esteem in their children, they have to respect all its attitudes and positions.They may not ask for perfection and they have to listen and answer all the child questions. In addition is good that parents encourage kids to make decisions for themselves and give them responsibilities and promote their interests.

The role of parents is then very important for develop self-esteem of children. They have to help them evaluate, learn from mistakes and feel good about themselves.