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September 2015

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Where we should put the bed?

Surely we have raised many times where we would have to locate the bed to rest better.
Theories say that the best position is to the Artic, and are based on the magnetic orientation. Therefore, the head of our bed would have to be on the north wall of the bedroom.
But do not rule out that other positions are better or worse, but if we want a more restful sleep, we can choose to put the bed to the east or west, as these poles can also be beneficial for our break . Specifically, the west means energy regeneration, and therefore something beneficial for everyone.

The bed is very important for comfort, a good position for rest, and the atmosphere of the room to the mood .

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Convertible cradle means saving money

When our baby has arrived, the illusions grow up every day, but expenses
too. Then it appears a large list of articles that we have to buy, which
we will stop using soon, like a bathtub, a pram, a cradle…
In Furniture Ros, we know how to save money: An example is our convertible cradles; cradles which become beds, an evolution from the baby’s room to the child’s room, all with one furniture, meeting the needs for the first Kid´s 10 -12 years. From the same price like a simple cradle. Our
furniture will be like the first day and this will be a part of your kid. The
convertible cradle will bring you the best result. Believe us,  miracles
exist, and you will find them at Furniture Ros.
bedroom, furniture, furniture ros

Kid’s room is very important for children´s homework

escritorio juvenil

Decorate a bedroom is very important. A kid who loves his/her bedroom wants to stay there and do activities.

Because this, a bedroom with a good light, light colors, a big table and a good distribution of the furniture will attracts our child to study more quietly. Getting involved with everything that he/she likes.


Photo by Manuel


Also it’s positive that the bedroom has not tv, because this could be a distraction on his/her studies. Also the wall shelves are good for store books, but we may not abuse putting too much selves or furnitures, kids like open bedrooms, remember that they need spaces to play.

Serenity and harmony are very important because the children would have an open mind, awake and ready for study.


A smart back-to-school bedroom redesign: wardrobes

As many moms know, morning power struggles over what to wear often reach epic levels. Standard closets are often too high for smaller children to access, while clothing stacked neatly in dresser drawers become a disorganized mess when kids get into them.

A smart back-to-school bedroom redesign includes revamping the closet so that kids can easily see and select their own clothing.