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November 2013

International Children's Rights Day – 20th November

International Children’s Rights Day – 20th November

Children in Tilcara  going to school
Photo by Zaqi
“The best way to make children good is to make them happy” Oscar Wilde
Today, November the 20th is International Children’s Rights Day – 20th November. All children under 18 years are entitled to have rights without distinction of race, sex, religion or national origin.

The millions of children affected by the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, by the conflict in Syria, wars in Africa and poverty in other parts of the world, remind us daily how vulnerable children to natural disasters and atrocities caused by adults are.

In 1989, governments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. These rights are based on what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and fulfil their potential. They apply equally to every child, regardless of who they are, or where they are from.

Every day these rights are denied. Millions of children are dying from preventable diseases. Millions more don’t go to school, or have food, shelter and clean water. Children are subjected to violence, abuse and discrimination, and go unheard. This is wrong.

80th Aniversary of Ros Furniture

80th Aniversary of Ros Furniture

Sr. Josep Ros Puigpinós,
Ros Furniture´s 

This year, 2013 we are 80 years old.

Ros furniture was founded in 1933, when Mr. Josep Ros Puigpinós opened a small carpentry in Artesa de Segre, province of Lleida, Spain. What at first would be an artisan carpentry and joinery became soon a small workshop thanks to the enthusiasm and eagerness of its founder. This small workshop took constant changes and transformations throught eight decades, with continued activity, exchange of ideas and constant improvement to become what is of the Ros Group today.

Logo Ros Furniture 1940

So it was in 1933 and after a continuous training, when Josep decided to open his own workshop in Artesa de Segre. Counting only with a universal machine and the tools necessary to be an artisan wood shop and for the manufacture of almost all types of furniture.

Desde la redes sociales de Muebles Ros, se han creado una serie de concursos y sorteos de producto de Ros, para conmemorar nuestro 80 aniversario. Queremos así compartir con nuestros clientes finales su opinión sobre nuestros productos, y agradecerles su confianza en nuestra marca, que sin duda seguirá creciendo en compromiso y calidad hacia nuestros clientes por 80 años más.